Mike Rhodes

About Mike Rhodes

Mike's approaching veteran status in the digital marketing world. Mike is the CEO & Founder of WebSavvy and AgencySavvy and co-author of the world's best-selling book on AdWords The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords. He's in his 14th year of building and running Google Ad campaigns for businesses and brands all around the world at WebSavvy. As well as being in the trenches with his team and doing the work for clients, he teaches a few hundred competitor digital marketing agencies how to improve the technical "how to do Google Ads and Facebook Ads better" side, and how to grow and scale their businesses at AgencySavvy. Mike's married to the amazing Gabbi and lives in Melbourne, Australia. When he's not playing in the Google machine, you'll find him in a forest on a mountain bike or elbow-deep in Play-Doh with his 2 gorgeous daughters.