How to Create a Newsletter That Actually Provides Value

Step-by-Step Instructions to Execute a Newsletter That Provides Massive Value.

4 Hours

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In this workshop with Josh Spector, you’ll learn how to create a newsletter that actually provides value to your customers and subscribers.

What You’ll Learn

  • One impactful strategy to implement in your business
  • Step-by-step instruction to execute on the strategy
  • How to measure your success so that you can optimize with focus
  • Case studies and examples from businesses across a variety of industries and niches


Josh Spector

Founder, For The Interested

Josh Spector is a consultant, newsletter publisher, and creator. Josh shows other creators how to identify their audience, and helps them monetize their content. He also helps creators develop social media strategies, grow their newsletter, and build businesses around their creative work. Josh publishes a weekly newsletter called For The Interested. It features ideas to help creators produce, promote, and make money from their creations. He also shares his knowledge on Twitter, and runs a second newsletter called This Is How I Do It. It features a behind-the-scenes deep dive into exactly how Josh creates, markets, and sells his content, products, and services.



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