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Future of Marketing Agencies & AI Series

Embark on a journey of transformation and innovation with our insightful video series. From unraveling the future of marketing agencies to decoding the dynamics of brand communication, each episode dives deep into cutting-edge strategies, AI’s role, and the evolving landscape.

YouTube Marketing With Owen Video

Need help starting your brand’s YouTube channel or how to create binge-worthy content? Check out this series where Owen Video takes you step by step on some of the best formulas and practices you should be using.

TikTok Marketing With Maxwell Finn

If you think getting on a social media channel that has over 1 billion active monthly users isn’t a move for your business, check out what DigitalMarketer TikTok Marketing Expert, Maxwell Finn has to say about that.

Instagram Marketing With Rudy Mawer

Want to blow up your Instagram? Find what makes you unique and run with it. Rudy Mawer shares his tips and tricks on how to go viral.

Pinterest Marketing With Lauren Petrullo

Did you know that posting on Pinterest can help your content last up to three months longer than other platforms? Lauren Petrullo discusses the advantages of using Pinterest as part of your social media strategy.

Twitter Marketing With Goldie Chan

Twitter is changing! Have you updated your Twitter marketing techniques yet? Goldie Chan explains the basic of modern Twitter marketing.

AI & Content Marketing with Julia McCoy

Julia McCoy, VP of Marketing at Content At Scale, walks through how and why AI is being used to rapidly expand the long-form written content of thousands of companies.

LinkedIn Marketing with Mandy McEwen

LinkedIn has over 850 million users. It’s a great platform to grow your business and find new customers. However, not every business is going to find their audience here. Listen as Mandy explains what kinds of businesses do best on LinkedIn.

What Type of Marketing Leader Are You?

While a lot of industries face change on a regular basis, the pace at which marketers have to adapt to technological, societal, and financial changes in ASTOUNDING. If the technology and techniques we use as marketers change all the time, how can we become truly skilled at ANYTHING? You start by understanding yourself as a marketing leader. Watch this series to find out what type of marketer you are.

Do You Know What Content Marketing Really Is?

Content Marketing is the process of content creation & organization. Many people confuse it with content distribution, which is the promotion of the content you create through channels like social media marketing, email marketing, and paid media.

Content Marketing is the production of assets to pre-educate potential customers and educate current and former customers regarding useful information about your brand, products, and services. 

What is The Customer Value Journey?

The Customer Value Journey is DigitalMarketer’s step-by-step process for attracting, converting, and keeping your best customers.


Best Practices for Facebook Marketing

In this five part series, Rudy Mawer teaches us some of the best practices for Facebook Ads, Engagement, and Building Your Brand.