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Start Seeing Higher Conversions with Personalization

Once you understand how to segment your traffic correctly, website personalization will become a breeze.

Do Your Research

It’s important how to know and understand the best ways to segment your audiences in order to personalize your site appropriately.

Define Your Goals

Understanding what your trying to achieve with your personalization is critical. Without a defined objective, you’re segments and personalization will be useless.

Segment Your Data

Learn how segmenting your data can allow you to better achieve your business goals by finding the best opportunities.

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Learn How Personalization Can Skyrocket Conversions

Find out why DigitalMarketer material is perfect for those looking to turn traffic into sales.

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Find Out Where You're Missing Big Opportunities

When you learn how web personalization works for your business, you'll see better conversions and lower bounce rates.

The ultimate goal of personalization is to turn your website into your best salesperson. Typically, e-commerce sites will see a 50-70% bounce rate, 1-3% conversion, and 60-80% cart abandonment. But even though this is the norm, different types of optimization methods can increase those conversions. The purpose of DigitalMarketer content is to help you find a better way to increase profits for your site.

Before you start any personalization campaign, you need to do your research. In Google Analytics, you can create segments that will retroactively fill data, allowing you to explore and analyze past information. Doing this will help remove bots, give you better insight into what your users are doing on your site, and help you find major opportunities, regardless of the amount of traffic you’re getting. Point being, you don’t need to be a high traffic website in order to gain insights from data.


The next piece of the personalization puzzle to build segments based on your needs. However, don’t just use pre-existing segments. You want your segments to be aligned with your business goals and personalized for you. Segments used for other businesses will likely be useless for yours.

You’ll learn how to build out these segments to create a personalized experience for your users. You’ll be able to see how they behave, what pages they’re going to, and what content they’re consuming. And the real-time personalization will allow you to define what content you want users to see based off their own specific parameters. It all comes down to understanding how segmentation works, and once you learn to segment, your optimization efforts will only get better with time.

Web Personalization Can Solve Conversion Woes

You'll find value in DigitalMarketer through personalization and a variety of other optimization methods.

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