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Generate Awareness with Your Top of Funnel Content

Learn how to talk to cold prospects about your product and business, and start to widen your audience.

Top of Funnel Goals

From increasing engagement to growing website traffic, it’s important to have a complete understanding of your goals for content awareness. Without set milestones for your content, it’ll be difficult to measure growth!


Top of Funnel Content Types

A variety of different content types can work when it comes to your top of funnel strategy. Anything from blog posts, infographics, or podcasts make for perfect awareness-level content.


Top of Funnel Metrics

Looking at the number of sessions to your site, the number of inbound links, and the growth of your retargeting list can help you determine if your top of funnel content is working for your prospects.

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Create Awareness by Casting a Wider Net

Learn how to grab the attention of new prospects and start to generate more leads for your business.

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Top of Funnel Content Explained

Make sure you're reaching your customers at every step of their journey and building valuable content along the way.

The whole idea of top of funnel content is to bring in cold prospects and then, using your marketing strategy, start to warm up these potential customers through each stage of your funnel. Overall, you need to build content that is going to generate awareness for your brand and help potential customers start to realize that they have a problem you can solve. That’s why increasing offer awareness should be one of your main goals for this type of content.

And when you’ve done your research and built valuable content, you should see other gains, too, such as increased engagement and website traffic growth. These are telltale signs that your content is doing its job. Of course, goals such as the number of likes or impressions on a post are important to measure growth and success, as well, but having multiple goals is necessary so you can show the true success of your content. There are also a variety of different forms of content that can help you reach your goals.

Blog posts, infographics, and newsletters can all be extremely helpful to drive awareness. Here at DigitalMarkter, we’ve been investing in our Podcasts. Perpetual Traffic and The DigitalMarketer Podcast are helpful resources for potential customers to get to know our brand and our voice. And while doing so, they can hopefully learn something valuable about marketing that might help their business. Your objective should always be to provide value.

So when you’re looking at top of funnel content metrics and you’re not seeing results, it’s important to ask yourself what value you’re providing. Tracking the number of inbound links is a great way to determine value because if people find what you’re saying useful, they’re going to want to share that information. DigitalMarketer can help you find ways to reach new audiences that you hadn’t thought of before and you’ll learn the best strategy for your business by going step-by-step through each stage of the funnel.

Hatch New Opportunities With Top of Funnel Content

Discover how to build content around your potential customer's needs and wants.

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