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Start Testing and Learn What Works

Learn why split testing is one of the best ways to learn what resonates with your customers.

Discover the Basics of Split Testing

From synchronous to asynchronous to A/B testing and multivariate testing, split testing can definitely be intimidating, but the DM experts are here to show you the optimal tests to get the results you want.

Principles of Persuasion

There are six principles of persuasion and we’ll walk you through each one so you have a full understanding of how messaging should resonate.

Campaign Scheduling

You’ll learn to create campaigns that have true value. Not only that, but you’ll learn to determine when the best time to launch the campaign is and how to schedule it appropriately.

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Start Testing and Discover the Results You Need

Learn the best split testing methods for your business and start seeing results.

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Find Where You're Losing Customers and Optimize

Split testing is all about learning the How and the Why behind customer behavior and then optimizing to gain value.

There’s nothing more intimidating than changing an aspect of a landing page or sales page and trying to determine if it’s going to effect conversion rate (or lead generation). Obviously, these are both important for your sales pipeline, and we’ll help you learn exactly what split testing is best for your business. Not only that, but you’ll also figure out when the best time is to schedule a campaign based on seasonality and the results of your split test techniques.

We’ll walk through a variety of reasons why split testing is important. For example, we’ll discuss reciprocity and goodwill campaigns. In other words, when someone gives you something, you feel compelled to give them something in return.

From simple headline tests to more complex design and layout split testing, this certification will give you the tools you need to identify if your results are successful. We’re going to discuss the best time frames to conduct your test. You’ll learn how to recognize when you need to extend a test or when you need to call a jump ball and move on to optimization efforts.

But one of the greatest benefits you’ll get is the community of support ready to help when you need an assist. We all get stuck, and we’re here to help you through every bump in the road when the going gets tough. And let’s be honest, testing can be tough. So when you need to ask questions, the DigitalMarketer family is going to ensure you’re heading down the right path.

Run Split Tests Efficiently and Effectively

With the help of the DM team, put split testing woes behind you and learn how to implement!

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