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Discover the Importance of a Social Listening Program

When you start identifying what's being said about your brand, you can make efforts to manage criticism and praise from customers.

Social Listening Goals

Managing reputation, increasing retention and identifying product gaps are important goals to work toward when managing social listening for your business.

Social Listening Tools

We’ll walk through a few different tools, at a variety of different price points, to optimize and advance your social listening abilities.

Social Listening Metrics

Building metrics to support your goals will help you track success as you start to increase efforts around social success.

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Start Earning Trust with Social & Community Mastery

Having a good grasp of you're online reputation will allow you to better manage your community.

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Increase Retention and Reputation with Social Listening

It's easy to see the benefits to your business when you start to join online conversations about your brand.

There are four quadrants in the Social Success Cycle: social influencing, social networking, social selling and social listening. DigitalMarketer will help you learn about each one, but social listening is the foundation because it informs all other stages of social media.

Listening should be an expectation in your digital strategy. Your clients and prospects expect you to listen. You start here so that you can leverage social media as the customer service channel that it already is!

Social listening is about responding to both positive and negative mentions about your brand, members of your organization, and your product. You’ll learn that there are a few different ways to fail at this, but there is no bigger failure in the social media world than simply not participating.

There are a variety of different levels of social listening, but you should always maintain a greater focus on your goals, the metrics you need to achieve those goals, and the tools you need to find your metrics. Reporting on reputation score, retention rate, refund rate, as well as product and content gaps will allow you to understand a company’s online standing in addition to the pulse of the community using your products. Tools such as Google Alerts, Mention, and Radian6 will help you to monitor these metrics with ease.

It’s important to remember as you work through different social listening techniques that this channel is all about closing gaps and closing loops around conversations about your brand. Once you’re able to do this with ease, you’ll be on your way to success.

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Discover how tapping into your social networks can drive success for you and your business.

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