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Build Backlinks to Better Your Business

Building backlinks isn't just about the fun alliteration, it's also important to driving traffic, which will drive rankings.

Quality Over Quantity

Backlinks are all about quality! You can have thousands of backlinks to your site, but they’re all spam they’re not going to help rankings. You want to focus on backlinks that will actually provide value to your user.


Relevance Over Quantity

Relevant backlinks are important because without relevancy there is no gain. Your focus should be on building your own authority, which can’t happen if the links (even if they’re from high authority sites) don’t relate to your content.


Follow Over No Follow

Follow and no follow links can be a little tricky. But when a site links to you and doesn’t allow the link to be followed by crawlers (nofollow), it’s not passing the authority that a followed link would, therefore making it less valuable.


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Learn How Backlinks Can Generate Value for Your Business

With more backlinks, you're going to be driving even more authority to your site, which will result not only in better rankings but also more traffic, which means more money!

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Backlinks Are a Staple to Become a Leader in Your Space

Learn all about how to build and maintain your backlinks in Search Marketing Mastery.

Building valuable content can be tough work, but getting it to rank can be even tougher. Backlinks can come from a variety of sources: major news sources, blogs, universities. But one thing that’s for sure is the fact that the more relevant your links, the better traffic you will drive to your site, and then the authority of your site will start to grow. Of course, reaching out and growing your backlink portfolio easy. That’s why our certification covers the topic in length. But any search marketer will tell you that it takes time. You have to be able to do the research in order to know which companies or organizations you should reach out to link to your content. It’ll be difficult to get your direct competitors to link to you, but partners within the industry are a great place to start. For example, if your business sells running shoes, it will probably be difficult to drive links to your site from other running shoe retailers (not impossible, but difficult).

But reaching out to companies that sell running watches or water bottles is a great strategy. You may even be able to guest post. The idea is that you want your links to be relevant to your industry and have some authority. You also want the tag on the link to be ‘follow.’ This is because a ‘nofollow’ tag on the backend of a link tells crawlers that even though a piece of content is externally linking to your site, don’t pass authority. The ‘follow’ link will pass the authority. The higher authority that a site has that links to you, the more authority you’ll build for your own site. And, the higher the authority of your site, the easier it is to rank in Google. Everything is interconnected when it comes to SEO, especially backlinks. That’s why we weave it all together for you in a way that’s easy to understand.

Discover How Building Backlinks Can Help Drive Traffic

With Search Marketing Mastery, you'll learn the ins and outs of backlinks and how to properly acquire them.

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