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Use the Right Tools to Rank on Google

Not all SEO tools are created equal, which is why we'll help you not only learn which ones are worthwhile but also teach you how to use products that are productive for your business.

Keyword Planner

This is a Google Adwords tool, but it can be even more beneficial for organic search. Google has made changes to the product recently, but the offering is still useful for content planning research.

Google Search Console

This free tool can seem intimidating, but with the right knowledge, you can learn how to see relevant data for your research. From average rankings to search query insights, you’ll easily see the benefits.


This software can help with in-depth keyword research as well as your overall search strategy. There are tracking capabilities for your keywords in addition to keyword projections and competitive data.

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Conduct Keyword Research with Your Business in Mind

Learn to benefit from your keyword research so you can start building content that matters to your customers.

The thing about keyword research is that it’s pretty subjective, as are a lot of aspects of SEO. You can’t solely rely on SEO tools because you may need to build content around long-tail keywords that are important for your business but don’t have much search volume. That being said, tools like Keyword Planner and Google Search Console will allow you to explore keywords that are rooted in the intent of your user. 

That’s why building your Customer Avatar is so important. You’ll be using it for a variety of different tactics throughout your journey, and in Search Marketing Mastery, you’ll use it to determine if your customer actually wants to read the content you’re building around specific topics and keywords.

Learn how to use Keyword Planner, but this tool is evolving. Google is steering Keyword Planner into a strictly paid product, meaning that you’ll need to understand how to use different tools to pull the same information, and the DM team is here to help. Google Search Console, for example, will show you the top queries that users search when they hit your website. You’ll also be able to see the search volume of the keywords users are searching for, so you know if it’s a relevant term to build content around for SEO purposes.


Software like SEMrush will allow you to buffer the data you can’t see in Keyword Planner or Search Console. As Google continues to change their two platforms, SEMrush can be your constant, and it’ll provide you with a lot more data than just the ability to conduct keyword research.

Within the main dashboard of this product, you’ll be able to see every keyword you’re currently ranking for in Google, whether it’s on page one or page 100. You’ll also be able to see what keywords you and your competitors share. This is important to be able to determine the competition of a particular keyword or key phrase and whether or not your business should target that topic.

Of course, there are many other keyword research tools (i.e., Google Trends) that can provide you with valuable insight while you’re creating content. See not only how to use keyword research tools, but also how to implement your research once it’s complete. You’ll be walked through step-by-step processes on SEO best practices so you can make valuable decisions for your business.

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