Monique Morrison Digital Marketing

Monique Morrison

As a Certified Trainer and ELITE Coach with DigitalMarketer, Monique is able to take complex ideas and explain them in easy to understand terms.

Monique Morrison

Co-Founder & Lead Trainer at Success With Digital, Co-Founder at Jeronamo Digital Solutions Inc., ELITE Coach at DigitalMarketer

Founder of Jeronamo Solutions, a marketing agency, as well as Success with Digital, her digital marketing training company, Monique is on a mission to help local businesses Amazon-proof and keep Mom and Pop shops alive by making enterprise-level marketing methods accessible to everyone.

She is a huge supporter of training and educating on all things IT for her community, and is a coach in the ELITE Coaching Mastermind. She hosts webinars, live streams, and more teaching those in Sault Ste. Marie and beyond how to properly implement digital marketing. Through her marketing expertise, she has been able to consistently drive revenue growth for clients.

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