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The “Ah-Ha Moment” that Saved SiteGeek




Steve Hooper


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SiteGeek is an Award Winning Digital Marketing Training Consultancy. SiteGeek creates bespoke digital marketing strategies that help all sizes of business concentrate on growth and build a solid and sustained trust with their clients.

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We joined the DigitalMarketer Family back in 2007 and I have to be honest at that time I had no idea on the direction that I wanted to take the business and where we wanted to go with things. I was doing more consultancy but wanted to get out of the daily build of websites and get more into building out campaigns and strategy. Then one evening this Ryan Deiss bloke popped into my Facebook feed and before I knew it, I was a partner.

To clarify, I first met Ryan in 2007 at a marketing conference in Atlanta, the conference was called Stompernet and I was hooked on the content back then so I was already fairly in the Excite stage of my journey when I signed up.

To the DigitalMarketer Team; Keep it coming! I know the content that is created is right up there with the best in the world and it gets results, I am honoured to be part of the partner program and not a day goes past when I don’t tell someone we are proud DigitalMarketer Certified Partners.


The massive Ah-ha moment for me was the day I did my first Double Your Sales session, people love it! No, it doesn’t convert every client, but the percentage of conversion is a hell of a lot higher than it was when I was doing it as a one to one or email conversation. The methodology works, stick to it and you will be successful.

The main feature I wanted through DigitalMarketer was structure and direction, the adjustments that have been made to the program have made a massive difference to how I work and how we get results. One page product sheets, agency toolbox, video training, nutshell presentations have all hit my inbox at the right time and I am delighted to say I am making hay and taking advantage of the content and smashing my lead goals.

There are resources galore available as a DMCP.

Using tools like the Agency Growth Toolkit, swipe files, editorial calendar buildout, we are able to do things in a quarter of the time we used to by simply having everything to refer to. On my bookshelf in my office, I have a stack of books about Digital Strategy, how to grow your agency, how to gain one million followers and of course Digital Marketing for Dummies, however, when I need to get to the bottom of something fast, when I need a strategy or information that is going to help a client grow, I dive into DigitalMarketer Lab.

The information in Lab is incredible, and some of the best minds in marketing have contributed.

The future is bright for SiteGeek.

This year we are looking to double in size. How? Well, we are putting our own business through the 90-day accelerator and implementing the adjustments needed to grow and grow. Within the next 3 years, we are going for some big numbers and growing the team as we go.

Why join DigitalMarketer Certified Partners?

Don’t become a partner just to get the badge. I’ve got loads of “Partnerships” with companies that want you to be their partner, but in truth they want you to flog their stuff. DM is a partnership, they want you to be successful, if you are successful then their goals become easier to reach so it is a win-win situation.

Become a partner, use the facilities and the methods to build out your business, you don’t have to change everything but you do need to be prepared to promote the methods.

Joining the DMCP program was a no brainer for me, it offered content, support, guidance, new information all in one place, the massive pull was a community of like-minded individuals that really know their shizzle! The folks in the community live and breathe this stuff day in and day out, ask a question and you will get an answer. – Steve Hooper

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