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How Guidepost Marketing Grew From $0 To $500k In Revenue


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At GuidePost Marketing, we help small businesses use powerful storytelling as the foundation for clear, simple, and effective marketing campaigns that let business owners focus on what they do best – delivering amazing experiences for their customers.

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My original small business (The Dojo) has created marketing campaigns using the material in Lab that allowed us to grow from $0 to $500k in revenue in just 3 years. Since starting my own marketing business, I constantly implement Lab materials and have been able to grow an email list of nearly 1,000 within 6 months and will hit 6 figures in revenue in my first year, with no employees.

When I joined DM Lab, I was trying to find a way to do all the marketing I needed to do for my own small business. I knew everything I needed to create a great customer experience, but I didn’t know where to start when it came to creating a marketing plan or actually implementing the specifics.

DM Lab was this massive wealth of exactly the information I needed at exactly the right time. No matter what I was trying to do, there was a resource within Lab that spelled it out for me. And on the rare occasion I couldn’t find what I needed within Lab itself, I was able to
lean on the community for a helping hand.

My goals in joining were really simple – I needed new customers for my business.
Not only did DM help me do that, but I was also able to develop new offers and new revenue streams, create automated campaigns that took a tremendous load off of myself and my staff, and build a much more impactful brand than I could have without DM’s help.

So much of the information out there feels like “marketers talking to marketers about marketing for marketers.” I was looking for something that was accessible to me even without a whole lot of knowledge. I found it with DM. As my own marketing knowledge has grown, I’m more able to dive deeper on some of the more advanced concepts.

It almost feels like Lab has grown with me, but I go back and revisit the fundamentals as often as I push myself into new territory. So whether someone is starting with zero marketing knowledge or has been a marketing professional for years, there’s material inside Lab that will make them better.

The Customer Value Journey made a difference.
For me, everything always comes back to the Customer Value Journey. I run everything through that lens to see exactly where my customers are in the Journey and what my objective should be as a result.

Lately, I’ve gotten a lot out of the 30-Day Kickstart Workshop, especially the 90-day Canvas and Big 3 planning canvas – I’m really susceptible to shiny object syndrome, and those resources have helped me stay focused.

The future is bright for Guidepost Marketing.
I’m planning to continue growing my small business and training my staff to take over some of the marketing tasks. I’ll be focused on delivering marketing guidance, coaching, and leadership for other small business owners who are in the same position I was in and just need a clear path to the business they want for themselves.

I know I’ll continue to use DM resources as the foundation for how I help my clients and my own business.

Any words for those who haven’t joined Lab?
There’s absolutely no reason not to jump in immediately. The only reason you wouldn’t make your money back right away is if you never log in. Combined with the value of the community in DM Engage, it’s a no-brainer for anyone who’s running a small business.

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