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Recognized around the world, we have transformed hypnosis education into an amazing experience that is easy, fun, and supported by an incredible community of students from around the world! Our online and classroom students come from all walks of life. They could be a hair dresser looking for a career change, or a physiotherapist looking to add a complementary skill set.

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The Future Is Bright for Chris Thompson and Mike Mandel Hypnosis…
Mike Mandel Hypnosis is our company name. I branded it after my business partner, Mike Mandel, who is an absolute genius presenter, trainer, therapist, entertainer. Before working together he was locally wellknown (Ontario, Canada) as a stage hypnotist, keynote speaker and hypnosis trainer for live classroom classes.

I’ve been in the DM family for at least 5 years, and prior to that I’d seen many valuable pieces of content from Ryan and team before flying from Toronto to San Diego for my first T&CS, which led me to join DM Lab. I already knew the quality of what DM offers before upgrading to Lab ELITE.

Our primary goal (for joining) was to have a system in place to focus on my primary growth opportunities which has definitely been working. Having the group accountability calls and my awesome coach, Kasim, have really helped keep me on track.

I joined ELITE because I’ve been in the DM family for years, I know the quality of the training, and I was specifically attracted to the 90 day planning approach. My biggest problem, as the CEO of the business, was that I did not have any proper approach to measuring things. The growth flywheel approach that Ryan explained, during the launch webinar, sold me on this. I needed a system that would help me highlight the biggest opportunities, and coach me such that I stay focused on these things, no shiny object syndrome.

One of the projects resulted in us having our strongest profitability month of all time, during COVID. We’re on track to have a record year of profitability despite having to cancel 7, yes SEVEN live events that would typically bring in a lot of revenue.

What truly helped was…
The 30 day kickstart is by far the most important resource, because it’s the foundation. When I did the kickstart I promised myself I’d not just watch the videos but actually DO THE WORK in real time. The return on investment from this expertise was tremendous. The CVJ was something I’d seen before but never actually thought about in detail or analyzed / documented. Doing that was SUPER valuable. It immediately helped me see where I was falling down with my offer.

The first thing I implemented was…
I used one of the Workshops, Automate Your New Client Onboarding Experience with Brad Martineau, and implemented it exactly as he taught. It was a brilliant workshop! We start our customers off with a 14 day free trial to our flagship training, and lately we are seeing more than 80% of trial customers convert to paid customers!

Anyone who is thinking about ELITE should jump in immediately provided they are willing to do the work and willing to be coached. I know that it’s working for me because it’s great training and I’ve taken responsibility for putting it into action. I happily recommend DM and ELITE to my peers!

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