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Case Study: How Rock My Image Used Certified Partner to Become More Profitable

CompanyRock My Image
OwnerManny Torres
TypeMarketing Agency
Company SummaryRock My Image works with growth-minded business owners who are looking for proven strategies and systems to elevate their results and profits.

When we joined DigitalMarketer Certified Partners, we were looking to have a framework and system that we could share with our clients that would allow us to stop recreating the wheel and follow a proven process.

We’ve always been big fans of Ryan Deiss and the DigitalMarketer team. I’ve always loved their straightforward, concise method of training and their value first mindset.

Our main objective when joining DMCP was to shift our business model from providing marketing services to focusing more on consulting and coaching. We’ve been able to achieve that by leading with the DYS workshop and then offering 90 Day Accelerators and Coaching. We also have been able to streamline our managed marketing services offerings and leveraged other DMCP partners to fulfill services. 


Over the last year, our business has grown while at the same time we have streamlined our processes and services to allow us to be more profitable and save time. The DMCP training has allowed us to work with a level of client we had not worked with in the past.


The CVJ (Customer Value Journey) is a great tool that allows us to share marketing terminology in a way that any business owner can understand. I have also had great success with the CVJ Audit as it allows clients and prospects to self diagnose what areas they need to work on.


Our growth plans are to move focusing on one to one coaching and consulting to focusing more on group coaching and masterminds.


I highly recommend any marketer or agency who is looking to have a proven process they can use in their business as well as with their clients, take a look at the DMCP program. The resources are incredible and the community takes it to another level.

I’m honored and excited to be a member of the DMCP community. I appreciate the DM team and enjoy getting to know the Partner community. – Manny Torres, Rock My Image



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