how to turn around failing seo

How To Turn Around Failing SEO with Cydney D’Costa [VIDEO]

Writing great content is key to getting in front of your ideal customers. But even the best content needs a healthy dose of SEO to get noticed. If you’re writing and not getting the results you want from your effort, this video is for you! 

Watch as Cydney discusses the 5 Reasons your SEO isn’t working and goes over how to fix each one.

5 Reasons Your SEO is Failing:

#1 You’re Not Using Content Clusters

#2 You Haven’t Invested in Great Content 

#3 The CTA is Wrong

#4 SEO Results are Often Delayed 

#5 Increase Platform Diversity to Drive Traffic

In this video:

Without this – your SEO strategy will fall flat. 0:27 – 0:41

Use the pillar and cluster content strategy to do THIS. 0:41 – 0:55

The reason your conversions are low and how to fix it. 1:27 – 1:45

A Proven Formula for ROI. 1:51 – 2:05

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Cydney D’Costa

Cydney D’Costa

Experienced Program Manager with unique and sought after skill sets. From Human Resources to Marketing and Digital Design, I have the drive and passion to conquer any task at hand and deliver the best service to any client.

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