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You heard me right. Your agency needs to stop selling retainers…like…right now.

Let me explain why…

Marketing is complicated. There is no more distinction between traditional marketing and digital marketing and many business leaders simply can’t keep up. They need you. And the size of the opportunity out there is truly massive.

There are over 22 million small businesses in the U.S. alone, with 125 million across the globe!

With about 500,000 marketing agencies worldwide (carry the 1…), that leaves 250,000 small businesses for every marketing agency in the world.

And what’s better news…marketers are EXPENSIVE. When you add rapid changes to the marketing landscape to already complex processes, you get $$$$$.

Most small businesses can’t afford to hire a full-time marketing team, and that’s why they need agencies and consultants to do the work on a FRACTIONAL basis.

But don’t let small businesses’ hiring frugality frustrate you, because on average marketing budgets are massive. Even with 2020 being what it was, digital advertising spend still grew to nearly $132 billion…with a “B.” And that doesn’t count what businesses are spending to create and implement both paid and organic strategies.

These small businesses have big budgets for digital marketing, and it’s time to get your share…which brings me to my point.

The BIGGEST mistake agencies make right now is trying to sell retainers.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t pursue recurring revenue, because you absolutely should, but most agencies and consultants have retainers all wrong…


Outside the bubble of people who already know, like, and trust you...you are essentially proposing marriage on the first date.


Sometimes it DOES hurt to ask...you lose deals you might have otherwise won.


They attract desperate clients with unrealistic expectations looking to pay less to get more.

Don't Just Take My Word For It...

Here are just a few of our agency partner's results…

"100%…It. Just. Works. Seriously, we have a massive ROI and we aren't the only ones. I talked to so many partners singing praises and dancing with the success they are having. Small, mid and large size agencies. It just works."
Pol C
The Digital Navigator LLC
"When I gave my first presentation to a group of business owners it resulted in $7500 in revenue. After I was done with the presentation the entire group stood up and took pictures of my whiteboard drawing. Two of the clients joined my monthly implementation program."
Omari B
10X Strategies LLC
"I went from a few freelance jobs and Fiverr gigs to we now have our own office with our own 24+ seat training room and stage to help cultivate clients and members with clients and employees across the globe :)”
Jena A
Warfare Marketing

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