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7 Must Watch Social Media Marketing Video Snacks

We’ve got a treat for you…
Not a single one of these power packed social media marketing videos is over 6 minutes long… most are around 4 minutes.
Each video is short and full of actionable, social media marketing tactics you can put to work right now.
Kick back, grab some popcorn and enjoy the show…

How to Get Cheap, High Converting Traffic from Facebook

I won’t leave you hanging.  Here’s the new formula…

Website Custom Audiences + Your Content = Cheap, High-Converting Traffic from Facebook

We’ve been building laser focused Facebook Website Custom Audiences using this method.
Here’s how we’re doing it…

View the full ‘Facebook Website Custom Audiences’ article here

Headline Formulas that Get More Clicks from Social Media

Better headlines get better response.  It’s a fact.
And no place is the headline more important than in social media channels where status updates are whizzing by at light speed.
You’ll get more traffic from social media if you write better headlines.
Learn how to get it done here…

View the full ‘getting social media clicks’ article here

How to Get Started with Native Advertising

Native Advertising is the next hottest thing in digital marketing and smart marketers are pouncing on this tactic before the herd catches on.
Learn to get started with Native Advertising the easy way…

View the full article ‘native advertising’ article here

6 Simple Facebook Contests You Can Set Up in 5 Minutes

Setting up a Facebook contest doesn’t have to take days of planning and the tech knowledge of Sheldon Cooper.
You can set up a Facebook contest with no software and no money.
Here’s 6 ways to get started with Facebook contests fast…

View the full ‘Facebook contests’ article here

How to Hack YouTube Advertising

Jake Larsen over at Video Power Marketing revealed this sneaky little hack at Traffic & Conversion Summit 2014.
In this short video Jake lets you in on a little secret he learned while experimenting with YouTube TrueView advertising.
In less than 3 minutes you’ll be in the know…

How we Got 198% ROI Using Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads are another blue ocean opportunity… almost no one is taking advantage of these.
We’ve done so well with Twitter ads that Twitter did a case study on us.
Here’s what’s working with Twitter advertising…

View the full ‘Twitter Advertising ROI’ article here

How (and why) to Use Boost Post For Facebook Fan Page Posts

You’ve no doubt noticed a big dip in your organic (non-paid) reach of your Facebook fans.
Some say it’s a big ‘money grab’ by Facebook.
We say it’s an opportunity.
Here’s the simple solution…

View the full ‘Facebook organic reach’ article here

Matt Coleman

Matt Coleman

Matt Coleman is the Video Marketing Manager at You can connect with Matt on LinkedIn or Google+.

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