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How to Reengage Your Social Media Followers with the Perfect Social Content Mix

I’ve seen it far too often…
Companies are eager to drive traffic from their social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc) to their website so they post link after link after link.
Don’t make this mistake.  You need to mix it up or soon your status updates will fall on deaf ears and get fewer and fewer clicks. It’s an understandable mistake… and a frustrating one!
So what do you do?
Here’s the truth — it can be tough to know what type of content you should share and when you should share it.
Different types of posts will elicit different actions from your fans and followers. For this reason it’s important to understand the categories under which all social media content falls and how they work together to engage social media followers and drive traffic.
There are 3 different types of social media content…

  • Call to Action Content
  • Engagement Content
  • Goodwill Content

Let’s take a look at each of these in turn and some examples of these types of social media content done well.

Social Media Content Category 1 – Call to Action Content

These are social posts that require a specific action. They are posts asking the reader to click a link and visit your website, posts requiring the reader visit your campaign in order to obtain more information, etc.
CTA Content Example #1:
This is a fantastic example of a Call to Action (CTA) Facebook post. DIY Ready is asking fans to click the link to view these makeup tutorials – the phrase “check out” being a strong command. And bonus, the copy also communicates a sense of urgency with “…hacks you need in your life RIGHT NOW”.
CTA Content Example #2:
As you can see in this tweet, Design Love Fest is directly asking her followers to sign up for her workshop. The message is clear, concise, and to the point. And when they mention there are only two spots left it creates a great sense of urgency!
CTA Content Example #3:
Check out this pin from Martha Stewart’s Pinterest account. It’s fantastic. The copy is excitable and she asks the readers to “click through” for inspiration. It’s a great way to remind pinners that when they click through this pin they will see more of this pin they already love so much!

Social Media Content Category 2 – Engagement Content

These are posts that ask the reader to take steps to interact with your fan page within the Facebook platform. The goal is to increase engagement and the virality of the message by getting the reader to…

  • “Like”
  • Share
  • Comment

Engagement Content Example #1:
The Oreo Facebook page has long been famous for posting some of the most amazing engagement content that keeps their fans excited. And lately they’ve stepped up their game even more by posting short videos to their Facebook page. These guys really know how to keep an excited fanbase.
As you will see here, there is no link in the copy of this post. Oreo isn’t aiming to get traffic to their website as they would with Call to Action content. They are simply trying to provide their fans with a fun video that will get liked and shared!
Engagement Content Example #2:
Here you have a tweet from Men’s Warehouse that is simply asking a question. This brand is trying to start a conversation with their Twitter followers.
Engagement Content Example #3:
Engagement content on Pinterest looks a bit different and is often under-utilized. Some companies however are able to implement this particular type of content well by sharing inspirational photos with their followers. These photos are simply there to get repined and help the brand gain more followers and brand awareness.
Big-time NYC blogger Joanna Goddard’s Pinterest account emulates this well. She peppers in beautiful images and recipes along with her call to action content.

Social Media Content Category 3 – Goodwill Content

These are posts that share another person’s or website’s content. It is sharing a link with your Facebook fans that does not directly and positively impact you with online social traffic. These types of posts are not necessary and some companies choose not to include them in their social media content plan. Though for some websites this can be a great way of maintaining an actively engaged audience.
Goodwill Content Example #1:
The Facebook team at Chasing Delicious does a great job at using Goodwill content. In this Facebook update they have posted an image and link to a person’s food blog. This helps them continue to share awesome content with their fans as well as build meaningful relationships with other influences in this industry.
Goodwill Content Example #2:
Here, Martha Stewart shares a link to a movie she likes and she believes her followers will like as well. Now that’s a pretty big shout out!
Goodwill content on Twitter varies. It could be retweeting another person’s tweet, including a group of influencers in a Follow Friday (#FF) round up, or it could be sharing a link to another person’s blog or website.
Goodwill Content Example #3:
OrganicImg12 OrganicImg10
TED News is a pro at Goodwill content. Here you see two pins that not only share another person’s content, but also gives them the credit for the content right in the copy. Pretty nice!
Goodwill content on Pinterest can look an awful lot like engagement content. Goodwill content here means you share a pin with a link to someone else’s website or content. This helps mix up the content you are pushing out to your Pinterest followers as well as aids you in creating meaningful relationships with other influential pinners.
So there you have it… the three types of social media content and examples of them at work.
Calls to action, engagement, and goodwill content all play an important part in your social media strategy. Using a healthy mix of these three content types will ensure your social audience doesn’t get bored with your content.
Rather than tiring of the same calls to action they see repeatedly, this mix will ensure they stay entertained – keeping them engaged and helping your audience grow over time!

Julie Chewning

Julie Chewning

Julie Chewning is a social media strategist with a love for social brand building. Julie graduated from Texas A&M (whoop) with a degree in Communication and has now made Austin her happy home. Find her on Twitter or follow her blog to learn more.

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