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Marketing Agencies Near Me: Taking Advantage of Local SEO for your Business

We all know that local SEO is important for brick and mortar stores. In fact, if you’re an agency owner, you might be running a local SEO strategy for one of your own clients right now.

Practically everyone walks around with their smartphones glued to their fingers, and the increased use of virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Cortana means people are searching now, more than ever.

So, why not take advantage of Local SEO strategies yourself so you can be result #1 when someone says, “Hey Siri, what are some local agencies near me?”

Think about it: how many of your clients are local business owners? I’ll bet you it’s not an insignificant number…

And while referrals are a great way to build up a client base, you’ll be able to choose from a wider pool of options if your lead-generation comes from referrals and Paid/Organic Traffic.  With that said, here’s 2 big ways you can use Local SEO to boost your agencies leads…

Google My Business is Your New Best Friend

When it comes to Local SEO, you can’t go wrong by starting with your Google My Business account.

Claiming your business account is arguably the most important factor for increasing your local efforts.

Your business account is responsible for populating important information sections like…

Google Knowledge Graph:

google knowledge graph example
It’s lunch and I’m looking for tacos

The Local Pack:

image of seo local pack
I love tacos…

and, of course

The Maps Results

seo google maps results

As I’m sure you can imagine, each of these sections are incredibly important places for your business information to show up, and Google My Business is the best way to ensure this information is up to date.

You can manage your business’s information inside Google’s platform. There you will input and update your current information, such as hours of operations, contact information, address, and more.

You can also take advantage of one of the most influential aspects inside the SERPs: Reviews.

Reviews are a wildly important when it comes to how your prospects make decisions. As of December of 2019, 82% of consumers were reading online reviews for local businesses, and the purchase likelihood for a product went up 270% if there were 5 reviews vs. none.

Just to make sure you skimmed past that last stat, here it is again: the purchase likelihood for a product went up 270% if there were 5 reviews vs. none!

Reviews act just like referrals, and good reviews help boost your agency’s credibility and trust factors. So, you’ll want to make sure you are monitoring those review sections and addressing sub-par reviews with helpful information.

How you present yourself in the comment sections of reviews (this goes for social sites and other review sites like Yelp), gives a good indication of how clients can expect to be treated, so put your best foot forward.

Target Search Terms Like “Marketing Agencies Near [Insert Your City]”

That’s right, I’m talking local keywords people!

This doesn’t just work for coffee shops or restaurants. Clients are going local for agency help as well.

One of the easiest ways you can improve your local SEO is to create content using targeted keywords.
As you can see, keywords like “Marketing Agency” seem almost impossible to rank for…

agency seo search volume

…but adding your city (in my case, Austin) gives you a longer keyword that will bring down competition and give you a better shot at ranking top 3. Not to mention, it brings down the bid price.

local agency seo search volume

Don’t be alarmed if the keyword search volume takes a dive when you add location references… The pool of searches is bound to drop as you get more specific with your keywords, but the idea is that local markets are more likely to work with you than broader markets.

Don’t stop at targeting agency + YOUR CITY, though… You can write content with all different variations of keyword targeting:

  • Local groups
  • Local events or conventions
  • Local Facebook groups your clients might be involved in

Just make sure these targets are related to your agency’s niche, specialty, or values.

*Remember, the goal is to show up in the SERPs with relevant content about topics that relate directly to your clients, and your business.

You can create different blog posts that incorporate these local keywords and start to develop connections with your community. Remember to use those keywords in your titles, headlines, and meta descriptions.

By harnessing the power of local SEO, you’ll be able to tap into a pool of qualified prospects that will be easy to connect with and more likely to utilize your agency’s services.

Most importantly, did I mention no time zone confusion when planning meetings?!

Katie Zieber

Katie Zieber

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