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The 6-Step Email Marketing Set Up Plan

We’ll send over a million emails in about a dozen markets… today.
In this article, you’ll get access to our 6-step email marketing set up plan.
We’ll show you some SUPER tactical email marketing tips and tricks in just a second.
First, you need…

Step 1 – Understand Email Marketing Strategy

Each email we send has one of five purposes:

  • Indoctrinate – Teach them who you are
  • Engage – Get them to buy
  • Ascend – Get them to buy more
  • Segment – Learn what they want to buy next
  • Reengage/Win Back – Bring them back

Yep… there are 5 stages to a solid email marketing strategy and this is absolutely where you must start.
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Here’s what your email marketing “Machine” will look like:
In this first case study, Ryan Deiss breaks down the moving parts of your machine and how to maximize profit through email marketing, moving customers and prospects from one stage to the next.
Take action on this first >> How to Build an Email Marketing Machine

Step 2 –  Learn How to Approach Writing High-Converting Emails

Now you have a grasp on the five stages of email marketing, but when it comes to actually writing the…

  • subject lines
  • body copy
  • and landing pages for those emails

… you need to understand the responsibilities of each element of an email.
Digital Marketer President Richard Lindner breaks down our method for writing high-converting emails by focusing on the “job responsibilities” of each element in that email.
A lot of emails fail because the email marketer doesn’t understand the job of each part of an email.
When you’re done with this post, you’ll understand the job of…

  • the subject line
  • the email body
  • the landing page

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Step 3 – Swipe our Best Email Subject Lines

Alright, let’s get to work on that open rate because NOTHING happens until the email gets opened.
Here are our best email subject lines over the past 24 months and why they work. Swipe them and put them to work for you…
This post breaks down the respective elements that went into each year’s best performing subject lines (with nifty downloadable PDF versions at the end so you’ll always have subject line ideas within reach).
Even better? We’re telling you what NOT to do in a subject line.
Hey, we aren’t perfect! We send a lot of emails and some of them are duds – we’ve given you our 10 worst of 2014 and telling you why the failed.
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Step 4 –  Learn the Emotional Triggers that Increase Email Click-Through Rate

Now that you’re getting those emails opened — you need to get the click.
This post breaks down the four emotional triggers that humans respond to.
Each email we send contains one or more of these principles of persuasion. When you’ve finished with this post, you’ll understand the roles of:

  • Gain
  • Logic
  • Fear
  • Scarcity

These principles of persuasion can be applied anywhere you want people to take action and they’re sure to get more clicks from email.
Here’s an example of scarcity from an email Ryan sent about a product called Facebook AdPower:
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Step 5 – Swipe Our Top Performing Email Body Copy

Want some email body copy that’s proven to work? Swipe our best email copy from both our promotional and content emails
In this article you’ll get the subject line, body copy (word for word) and an analysis of Digital Marketer’s top 22 emails over the last 12 months from Richard Lindner.
We broke these emails into two categories…

  • Promotional emails – Emails that generate leads or sell products and services
  • Content emails – Emails that sell content (blog posts in this case)

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Step 6 – Use These Tricks to Double Conversions

Ok, let’s get super tactical. These are the sneaky (but ethical) methods we use to get more opens, more clicks and more conversions from our email marketing.

We’re spilling the beans on our most coveted email marketing secrets.

Not only will this post teach you how we…

  • 3X email open rates
  • 2X click-through rates
  • Increase engagement

…you’ll also learn exactly how email actually ends up in the inbox — not in the Spam folder.
This post is full of tactical email marketing tricks you can put to work right now.
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Lindsay Marder

Lindsay Marder

Lindsay Marder is the Co-Founder of She works with businesses in a variety of industries, leveraging digital marketing strategies to help them achieve their goals. Formerly the Managing Editor of DigitalMarketer, Lindsay managed the Editorial Team and the DigitalMarketer blog, generating over 7 million unique sessions in 2017.

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