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If I Had to Choose One Digital Marketing Metric It Would Be…

I’m going to reveal the most critical digital marketing metric in a second.
But first… you should know that I tricked you.
There’s actually a lot more to learn on this page.
We’ve got six short videos for you today — including the digital marketing metric one I mentioned.
So… I tricked you but it was a good kind of trick. 🙂
Here are the topics of these 6 short videos…

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If I Had to Choose One Digital Marketing Metric It Would Be…

Dave Lavinsky, founder of Guiding Metrics and owner of several multi-million dollar digital businesses reveals the most critical digital marketing metric…

The Most Underutilized Conversion Pages on Your Website

Justin Rondeau, conversion rate optimization guru at Which Test Won just might give you an “ah-ha moment” discussing the importance of these forgotten pages…

7 Tips to Improve Your AdWords Clicks

These are simple tricks that AdWords pros use to boost their ads.   But these tricks will work on any kind of ad – Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, Twitter Ads, etc.
Try writing an ad like the one in Tip #6 for bonus points.
Learn to increase click-through rates on your ads here…

View the full ‘AdWords tricks’ article here

How to Make the Perfect Webinar Sales Pitch

Dustin Mathews, CEO of Speaking Empire builds presentations and webinars for some of the biggest names in the business including Kevin Harrington and Rich Scheffren.
Learn what Dustin has to say about pitching on a webinar here…

Do Social Media Widgets Boost Landing Page Conversions?

Tim Ash, CEO of conversion rate optimization firm Site Tuners has done conversion work for big brands like Canon, Nestle and Facebook.
Here’s what Tim Ash has to say about using social media to boost landing page conversions…

Essential Elements of a Video Sales Letter

I break down the essential elements of Ryan Deiss’s Video Sales Letter Formula including three video sales letter split tests that always win for Ryan.
Learn the critical elements you need in your video sales letter here…

Get free access to Module 1 of Video Sales Letter Formula here

Matt Coleman

Matt Coleman

Matt Coleman is the Video Marketing Manager at You can connect with Matt on LinkedIn or Google+.

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