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How to Split Test Your Way to More Leads and Sales

You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again…

You can’t optimize what you don’t test.

So that’s what we do at DigitalMarketer — we test.

Our split testing is all about clean data and avoiding assumptions…

…and yours should be too.

Today we’re rounding up all our best practices on setting up and optimizing your split tests, and sharing results from our own tests.

Ready….Set… Optimize!

How to Set Up Your First Website Split Test

You can’t start split testing until you know how to set a split test up. In this quick-start guide, Digital Marketer’s Conversion Rate Optimization Manager, Justin Rondeau, is here to help you get started the right way the first time if you’re new to the game, and if you’re a seasoned vet — he shows you how to set up your testing the right way.
And with the simple and affordable testing tools available today (Optimizely, Visual Website Optimizer, etc) there’s really no excuse for delay.

7 Split Testing Myths That Ruin Your Tests

If you’re just getting started with split testing — or even if you’ve been around the game awhile — you’re going to hear some… things. What we’re doing in this post is taking a critical look at split testing and busting some of the biggest myths around this extremely useful practice.
In this post you’ll learn..

  • The difference between split testing and conversion rate optimization (CRO)
  • When to take an “Innovative” approach instead of using the “Iterative” testing model
  • The numbers needed to declare a winner in a split test
  • Which website should NOT be split testing and what they can do instead to improve conversion rates

Test This, Not That!

Keep this in mind: a win on one site may be a loss on yours.
Not enough marketers know what they should be testing on their site — but don’t worry, Justin is back to save the day. In this post, Justin is showing which web pages and elements are worth split testing.
(Hint: some pages aren’t worth testing!)
Specifically, he’ll give you 3 high-impact pages and 3 high-impact elements to test on your site. If you’re new to split testing or are struggling to get results that mean anything to your business, you need this post.

43 Split-Tests That (Almost) Always Boost Conversions

In need of a few ideas for your tests? We’ve got you covered.
We’ve spent a lot of time and money, and learned the background colors, fonts, etc., that have won almost every time in our testing. This info will save you a lot of time and money (and give you a lot of ideas if you’re just starting out!), but don’t forget the big takeaway from our last post — a win on one site may be a loss on yours.

32 Split Testing Ideas From 4 of the World’s Leading Conversion Experts

Where can you find better split testing ideas than from the minds of four of the world’s top Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) experts?
In November we tapped a CRO panel to tell us what they would test on a landing page for Rosetta Stone. .
Here’s our panel of experts…

  • Chris Goward – Founder of Wider Funnel, author of You Should Test That! and Traffic and Conversion Summit 2015 speaker.
  • Tim Ash – Author of Landing Page Optimization, CEO of Site Tuners and Founder of Conversion Conference.
  • Justin Rondeau – Data Driven Marketing & CRO Trainer. Analyzed 2,500+ Tests Across Virtually Every Industry.
  • Brian Massey – Author of the The Customer Creation Equation and Founder of Conversion Sciences.

In total you’ll see 32 different testing ideas and learn what these masters of conversion would test so you can put it to work on your own landing pages

[Split Test Results] Top Funnel Copy Change Lifted Engagement By 15.2%

As you can see above, we increased clicks by 15.2% with a nifty little trick — and we’re sharing it with you. We got these clicks on a critical call-to-action (CTA) and it was a big win. The best part? It’ll be super easy for you to implement or test on your own site.
When we were looking at the test results we discovered something MUCH more valuable: a fantastic example of the kind of money you find laying on the table when you do a little testing.

[Split Test Results] Does an Offer Link on a Deep Funnel Image Increase Digital Marketer Lab Sales?

Justin Rondeau found the makings of this test using the heat map function in Visual Website Optimizer.  When looking at the home page heat map he saw that we were getting A LOT of clicks on an image that wasn’t a link — well, that dog won’t hunt.
Chances are you’ve got the same problem with your website, and maybe even your ads… leaving a huge uptick in sales to be gained. The only thing we needed to change was a link (crazy, right?) and it may be the same easy fix for you. But pay close attention to Justin’s findings and see where you could be optimizing.

The 8 Best Conversion Rate Optimization Blogs on the Internet

Are you a split-testing-world-class-conversion-optimizing-genius yet? I bet you’re on your way. There’s two ways to get even better: implementing and reading. If you’ve gone through these posts you know what you need to start implementing, but here’s the post you need to fill your reading list.
Justin Rondeau rounded up the 8 best CRO blogs he’s reading, plus his favorite post on each one. Bookmark them and get familiar with their authors! Even better? Justin gave you the email service he uses to deliver them all to his inbox in just one email a day.
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Lindsay Marder

Lindsay Marder

Lindsay Marder is the Co-Founder of She works with businesses in a variety of industries, leveraging digital marketing strategies to help them achieve their goals. Formerly the Managing Editor of DigitalMarketer, Lindsay managed the Editorial Team and the DigitalMarketer blog, generating over 7 million unique sessions in 2017.

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