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How 6 Pro Marketers Would Spend $10/day Buying Website Traffic

I know what you’re thinking…
…you want to know how to get traffic on a limited budget.
We asked 6 of the world’s best paid traffic experts…

“If you had $10/day to spend on traffic, how would you spend it?”

Their answers may surprise (and inspire) you.
(Check out the panel critiquing a live Facebook ad campaign in this post.)
Let’s meet the panel:
Molly Pittman – Vice President and Traffic Manager of Digital Marketer. Created a traffic system used by hundreds of businesses and is in the process of creating a mastery course that will certify business owners in the paid traffic landscape.
Keith Krance – Founder and President of Dominate Web Media, and the co-author of Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising: How to Access 1 Billion Potential Customers in 10 Minutes.
Ralph Burns – Managing Partner at Dominate Web Media, manages a portfolio of Facebook advertising client account spend in excess of $5 million and leverages that experience to teach business owners how to do the same.
Justin Brooke – Owner and CEO of IMScalable. Assists companies in scaling their businesses with multi-channel strategies.
Brian Moran – Found of SamCart and Get 10k Fans, Brian uses his years of online sales experience to make SamCart the go-to tool for self-described “non-techies”, like himself
Jason Hornung – President and Creative Director of the Jason Hornung Agency. Specializes in getting his clients results in three major areas of online marketing: traffic, conversion and optimization.
Have a limited spending budget for traffic? Check out these expert strategies and start utilizing $10 in the best way possible.

Molly Pittman, Digital Marketer

If I had $10/day to spend on paid media, I’d use it to acquire as many customers as possible for Digital Marketer.
How would I do it? I would start by promoting a piece of content.
I spend $6/day to run traffic to this blog post on Facebook Advertising Pixels.
I would run a Facebook ad campaign for website clicks and target interests such as:

  • Ad Age
  • Search Engine Land
  • Website Magazine
  • EMarketer
  • Social Media Today
  • Adfreak
  • Social Fresh
  • Search Marketing Expo
  • Allfacebookcom
  • PPC
  • Mediabistro
  • Qwaya
  • Wishpond

I’m trying to target cold prospects who are interested in or are currently running paid traffic, specifically Facebook ads.
Here’s what the ad would look like:
Example of a Retargeting Ad
The goal here is to send as many clicks to the blog post as possible. Why?

  1. Introduction/Indoctrination: By sending them to a blog post we’re able to introduce them to Digital Marketer and establish ourselves as an authority by giving value first. We’re building up relationship equity so that when we ask them to opt in or buy later in the relationship… they’re more likely to do so.
  2. Pixelling: Because they’re visiting our site, we’re able to pixel and add them to our retargeting audiences so that we can run ads to them later.
  3. Segmentation: Because they clicked and showed interest in content about Facebook Advertising, we know something SPECIFIC about this user. We know that they’re interested in Facebook advertising, not just a broad topic like digital marketing. Now, we can follow up with a specific offer that aligns with their interest

I would then have a campaign set for $3/day to retarget the visitors of the blog post. We’ve already introduced ourselves, given value first, and we know that they’re interested in Facebook advertising… so, we will make them a related offer.
Another Example of a Retargeting Ad
This ad will ask visitors to opt in in order to download our Facebook Ad Templates lead magnet. The purpose of this ad is lead generation, and…
…now that they’re in the funnel they’ll be made offers like a $7 Execution Plan on how to create a high converting Facebook ad campaign and a $38.60/mos membership to Digital Marketer Lab.
I would then spend $1/day on a retargeting ad for people who opted in for the Facebook Ad Templates but did not buy the $7 Execution Plan
This ad is there to remind people to take the next step in the marketing funnel. By using the copy…
“Did life get in the way? You forgot to take advantage of this deal?”
… we’re assuming that they didn’t say “no” to begin with, that for some reason they just couldn’t complete the action.
For only $10 we’ve built an automated system for building relationships with cold prospects and converting them into leads and sales for your business!


Keith Krance of Dominate Web Media Ralph Burns of Dominate Web MediaKeith Krance & Ralph Burns, Dominate Web Media

With $10/day, the first thing we would do is set a $7/day budget to amplify a high-value, un-gated blog post using Facebook ads with interest-based targeting.
I’d target our ideal audience whose interests are related to Facebook and the social media niche.
Using this simple strategy, we can warm up these audiences potential future customers and leads with ungated content and capture them in our website custom audiences. Here is an example of one we are doing right now to this page here.
Website Custom Audience Ad
Although the majority of the content is “ungated” (Check out this post we wrote for Digital Marketer on “Ungated” content here), there is the option to get more. If a visitor wanted to get the PDF of the checklist, there’s an opt-in button (LeadBox) right under the video.
Next, we would run a $3/day Facebook Video Ad campaign targeting all visitors of that blog post, excluding all opt-ins & customers, driving traffic to a webinar.
(If we didn’t feel like doing a webinar we would send the traffic to our Facebook checklist Lead Magnet landing page or Free physical book plus $4.95 shipping Tripwire offer. All three options will work depending on your situation.)


Justin Brooke of IMScalableJustin Brooke, IMScalable

I always start with creating a customer persona (boring, I know, do it anyway).
This gives me the insight to know:

  • Specifically who my campaign is talking to
  • What they like/dislike.

If you decide to guess instead of actually do the work of creating a persona, God save you, because I can’t.
Once I’ve done my due diligence it’s time to put together the puzzle. Which is my target customers desire, a blog post topic that would attract them like moths to a porch light, and a call to action that makes buying what I’m selling their obvious choice.
If I do it right… they’ll think they discovered me and it was their idea to buy my product.
You ever see the movie Inception with Leo DiCaprio? Yep, just like that.
We are planting a thought in their head, based around knowing their already established desires, to buy our product.
Ok, that’s a lot to take in, let’s unpack it a bit…
For sake of conversation let’s pretend we are selling luxury watches. But really it could be butt lifts for all I care. This process works for all products and in all markets. Don’t believe me? I’ll pay you $1,000 if you prove it doesn’t work for you, I’m that confident.
Ok, watches, we are selling luxury watches.
Who buys luxury watches? Male C-level execs, salesmen, drug dealers, rappers, and porn stars.
Image courtesy of: Hodinkee
Why do they buy them? It’s actually not because they are vain. They worked hard to get to the level they are at and they like to buy nice things that others can’t afford to reward themselves and remind themselves of their effort.
(And, yes, there is a little vanity in it, too.)
Now we need a blog post that attracts them like moths to a porch light or like middle class American kids to pop tarts.
How about…

“6 Rare Watches Fit For a King”


“The 1 Watch James Bond Should Have Worn.”

If we put a link to that blog post in front of our target audience, it’s irresistible bait. That’s why we use a blog post. It drives your click through rate through the roof, attracts your perfect audience, sets up the sale, and they aren’t aware that they just dropped into a sales pitch.
After we write the post and plug our watch favorably (and liberally), we jump over to Wait, not Facebook? Truth is, the ad network doesn’t really matter. Adwords, Gemini, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, they all have good traffic at affordable prices and the ability to laser target your ideal audience.
Since this is my story, I’m going with Twitter Ads. I love them. I’ll target followers of Seiko, Tag Heur, and other luxury watches. This makes sure they’ll love my blog post and be very likely to buy my watch.
To make sure I don’t waste those precious clicks, I’ll offer a Lead Magnet inside and around the blog post (sidebar, header, footer). The Lead Magnet will be something like…

“Free Spreadsheet Ranks Top 100 Watches In The World by Price and Rarity.”

That insures I’ll get some leads that I can follow up with later. Because chances are, they might not buy right away. Some will, some won’t, I just want to maximize my chances.
That’s not only how I would do it… It’s actually how I do it and have been selling my own products the same way since 2009. It works. For everyone. Do it. Just Do It. 🙂


Brian Moran of SamCartBrian Moran, SamCart

If I only had $10 a day to spend on paid media, I would retarget people who have seen the sales page for my product, and have not bought yet.
Because it’s easy to setup, I would use Facebook’s retargeting pixel by placing the pixel on my sales page and on the “thank you” page after they bought.
Then, I’d use Facebook’s “exclusion” feature to exclude anyone who hit the thank you page from seeing the ad. This would make sure that anyone who bought the product does not see the retargeting ad.
To stay within my $10 per day budget, I might narrow down my targeting even more, by retargeting visitors who not only have seen the sales page and haven’t bought, but also users who are fans of certain fan pages.
For example, the ad below is only being shown to people who have seen our SamCart sales page, have not bought, and who like Infusionsoft’s fan page.
Because of this, the audience is very small, which allows to me stay within my $10 budget, and my ad can speak specifically to those people, which increases my click-through rate, which in turn drives down the cost of my ad.
(Not to mention…conversions skyrocket)
Take a look at this screenshot showing the performance of this ad.

We’re spending $10.25 per day, and generating new customers for $47.81 each.
The product we’re selling is SamCart, a shopping cart software for online marketers that costs $99 per month to own.
So, not only are we making 2X what we’re spending, but our product is a subscription, so we continue to rebill these customers month after month, which makes these ads even more profitable.


Jason Hornung, Jason Hornung Agency

That’s a pretty easy question for me to answer.
I would spend that money running a retargeting ad on Facebook that pushes people back to my initial front-end offer.
I use that exact strategy in my business right now and I’m doing it on just $5/day budget (although my ad is off at the moment while I fix some issues in my funnel).
See attached screen shot below:
I run this as a desktop newsfeed only ad as I’m sending people to a secure page where they place an order for my Tripwire offer.
I’ve found that desktop newsfeed ads convert the best for this purpose. You’ll see in the screen shot that I get sales at $15.26 with this ad, which works out really well for my business.
The type of copy strategy I use here is called “reason why” copy.
What I do is give the viewer multiple reasons why they should come back to my site and buy my product.
Each of those reasons is positioned to overcome the viewer’s biggest objections while providing solid benefits for taking action.
I use the “so you can” language pattern in the benefit statement to really drive home how it helps them.
You can see that in the screen shot of my ad below:
I also use a picture of myself to create branding for me and because people buy from people, so I want them to see me and feel like they’re having a conversation with me on Facebook.
All of these options are unique to the Facebook platform and are the reason why I would use it in the scenario posed.
The experts have weighed in and now it’s up to you go to optimize your next $10.
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