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How To Build a Blog That Actually Makes Money

Ah… so you’re a blogger, eh?
You’ve come to the right place.
We’ve built high-traffic, money generating blogs in dozens of niches and mainstream verticals.
We launched this one a few months ago…
And we own this one…
And this one…
This article rounds up all of our best practices for building blogs that make money (even Vince Vaughn is following our advice).
Let’s get right to it… happy blogging!

How We Grew a Blog from ZERO to $6 Million…

We’re operating blogs in dozens of niches and we’re testing everything. After all, you can’t optimize what you don’t test J.
This post breaks down the system we created that breaks all the rules the so-called blogging gurus have made.

How We Make (At Least) $1000 a Month From Every Blog We Start

This is the video you need to break down the toughest part of monetizing a blog: math.
The difference in the successful blogger and the broke blogger is just that… math.
In this post, Ryan Deiss shows exactly how to turn each subscriber you have into $1 each and every month.

Stop Guest Blogging (But not because Google told you to)

When Google told us that guest blogging was dead…we laughed. This was old news. Why?
We had already turned the model on its head.
The formula is simple: Other People’s Content + Reach = Traffic.
Want to understand how we calculate the metrics of a successful blog? This is the post you want.

How To Find People To Write For Your Blog

So you’ve stopped guest posting for other blogs ­– now you need writers.
But you don’t just want anyone creating content for your site…you want writers with REACH.
This is the post to follow when you need writers for your blog:

  • What are the five ways to find writers?
  • What do you have to trade with content creators?
  • How much should you pay a writer?
  • How do you keep track of those writing for you?

We’ve got you covered.

The Ultimate List of Blog Post Ideas

This is where things get interesting.
Now that you’re creating content for your blog, you’re going to need the blog post ideas to go with it. This article is divided into 8 sections, each representing a goal you might be trying to reach with your blog.
With 212 blog post ideas, you’ll have plenty of ideas to build your editorial plan (more on that in just a second.)
OH, and don’t miss the ‘Blog Post Idea Multiplier’ at the end of the post!

Bloggers: Build an Editorial Plan in 10 Minutes or Less

Need a way to get your ideas, schedule and content arranged…fast?
This is the article that does it. This is a fast, simple, and very powerful method we use at Digital Marketer.
Get organized by:

  • Source
  • Topic
  • Length
  • Vehicle

It comes with a nifty Excel spreadsheet for you to plug in your editorial plan, and as a bonus, a second page for your entire editorial calendar.

5 Lightning Fast Ways To Create Stellar Blog Content (Even if you hate to write)

Of course you want to create great content for your audience – but you don’t have a bunch of spare time to do it.
In between planning your calendar with guest posts, creating new lead magnets [link to LM post] and offers for your customers… how do you find the time?
Enter Digital Marketer’s Editorial Director Russ Henneberry with 5 lightning fast ways to create great content for your audience.
This post gives you the three big reasons you want to create great content, and 5 failsafe ways to get content up on your blog.
#5 is a Digital Marketer favorite and a real crowd pleaser (pun intended) J.

6 Headsmackingly Simple Ways to Write Better Blog Posts

This last source for blogging is a real headsmacker.
You’ve done the work – you found guest posters, planned your calendar, collected content ideas. What’s left?
Improve your content; improve your style; improve the way the posts read.
This post will give 6 ways to do just that. These methods can be applied to any blog, blogger, or blog post.
You have everything you need to get rolling with content and to improve what you already have.
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Lindsay Marder

Lindsay Marder

Lindsay Marder is the Co-Founder of She works with businesses in a variety of industries, leveraging digital marketing strategies to help them achieve their goals. Formerly the Managing Editor of DigitalMarketer, Lindsay managed the Editorial Team and the DigitalMarketer blog, generating over 7 million unique sessions in 2017.

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