Episode 43: Ryan Deiss Shares 4 Steps to Crafting and Optimizing the Perfect Offer


Ryan Deiss, co-founder and CEO of DigitalMarketer, and the Perpetual Traffic crew break down how to create an offer that people actually want to buy.

Follow the 4-Step process to get the biggest leverage points to turn a losing campaign into a winning campaign – without being the Don Draper of copy writing or having to change your bidding or targeting.

Episode 42: 2 Facebook Campaign Metrics that Drive ROI

Facebook Metrics that Drive ROI

In this episode, our experts explain how you can increase your relevance score and click-through-rate on the Facebook platform. Using these metrics correctly will have a lasting impact on your campaign’s ROI – both in the short-term and the long-term.

Gain better understanding and control of your Facebook ads following these simple strategies, and Facebook will reward you with better impressions and cheaper clicks.

Episode 40: 4 Facebook Metrics Critical to Your Success

Facebook Critical Metrics

There are 4 metrics the experts use everyday to measure the success of their Facebook campaigns. In this episode, we’ll discuss how to use the metrics, and where to find them in the Facebook Ad Platform. The metrics will help you troubleshoot your Facebook campaigns, scale up and make improvements, and help you plan for the future.

For all of you questioning how to track the success of your Facebook campaign, or wondering what these numbers mean – we have the answers ready for you.

Episode 39: 5 Cutting Edge Facebook Ad Updates

Facebook ad updates

Facebook is implementing new elements that will enhance audience features, and give marketers even more specific targeting options within the Ad Platform. In Episode 39, the experts talk in detail about these five new features, why they’re excited about them, and how the updates should save you time, allow you to be even more specific in your targeting, and boost your ROI.

Look for Keith’s How-To Video on one of the brand new features in the podcast show notes.

Episode 38: The 4-Step Podcast Launch Strategy

Podcast Launch Strategy

In Episode 38 of Perpetual Traffic, you’ll get the exact 4-step strategy we used to launch our podcast. We’re sharing how we got started, the mistakes we made, and how we’ve made it to 430,000 downloads – that’s about 11,000 downloads for each episode!

Download the slides in the podcast notes and follow along – you’ll find examples of how we continue to generate buzz for the podcast in Slides 46 and 47.

Episode 37: The 5 Biggest Facebook Ad Campaign Mistakes


In episode 37, the Perpetual Traffic experts are sharing the biggest mistakes they see people making while running paid traffic… and their solutions for not falling into the same traps.

If you’re running traffic on Facebook and want to see better results, and more return on your Facebook advertising — you need to make sure you’re not committing any of these mistakes. And if you are — fix them using the experts’ suggestions.

Episode 36: What is Facebook’s ‘Relevance Score’? (…and other questions!)


This week Perpetual Traffic hit another milestone — 400,000 downloads. Wow, thank you! It’s you — the listeners — that have gotten us to this mark, and we hope you’ve all gotten enormous value from every episode. This bring us to our episode this week…

In this episode, Molly, Keith, and Ralph answer questions sourced straight from the listeners. Members of DM Engage and Facebook Ads University posted their questions and upvoted popular topics for the experts to answer, explain, and share their experiences on.

Episode 35: The 3-Step Facebook Sales Process for Offline Businesses


This week the experts are joined by Kim Walsh-Phillips to share how offline businesses can harness the power of Facebook advertising. If you have a product or a service and you’re not on Facebook, you have to start considering it as a viable platform, not only just for direct response, but for brand, ROI and more.

Look for Kim’s downloadable slides in the podcast notes (digitalmarketer.com/podcast) to see the exact ads used in the B2B case studies she shares, as well as the campaign blueprint discussed in the episode.

Episode 34: 14 Elements of Persuasive Ad Copy


Learn to write ad copy that converts without going through an extensive copywriting course. Ralph Burns shares 14 super simple tips that will get you started writing your ad copy.

Look for the downloadable document in the podcast notes (digitalmarketer.com/podcast) that you can tack to the wall next to your workstation. Use it the next time you face the dreaded blank screen.