Episode 30: Ad Targeting: A B2B & B2C Case Study


On this episode of the Perpetual Traffic podcast, the PT experts will walk through two examples of ad targeting in action. Whether you’re selling business to consumer or business to business — you’ll learn to find and place your ads in front of hungry prospects.

Also, we’ve just crossed 300,000 downloads on iTunes. Thank you to all of our Perpetual Traffic listeners!

Episode 29: Tell Your Brand Story With These 4 Ad Types (…While Still Generating Sales)


In this episode of Perpetual Traffic, Keith, Molly and Ralph dive into the future of traffic in 2016 and the new definition of branding. As traffic evolves, business owners will need to evolve with the platforms they use. The biggest take away? You can no longer be a purely direct response company that just asks people to buy — there are no more ‘one-hit-wonder’ campaigns. You need to have a branding aspect to balance out your direct response efforts.

Episode 28: 7 Ways to Grow Local Businesses Using Paid Traffic


In this episode of Perpetual Traffic, Keith, Molly and Ralph share real life examples to get more customers for local businesses using paid traffic. For local businesses that struggle with paid traffic campaigns, implementing just one of these strategies can make a huge difference in your business.

Episode 27: 4 Keys to Filling A Webinar With Paid Traffic


Jermaine Massey, CEO of CashFlowDiary.com, joins the perpetual traffic crew to reveal his proven system for filling up a webinar that sells high-dollar products and services.

Keith, Molly, Ralph and Jermaine teach you everything you need to know including the ad copy, budget type, timing and campaign objective to use to fill a webinar and make sales.

Episode 23: Sell High-Ticket Events with Paid Traffic


Looking to sell tickets to an event? The Perpetual Traffic crew is back on the air to teach you what they’ve learned about filling up live events using paid traffic campaigns.

Selling event tickets is tricky business but Ralph, Molly and Keith will show you 3 campaigns proven to put “butts in seats.”

Episode 22: Create these 4 Facebook Custom Audiences First


Feeling overwhelmed by all the options in the Facebook Ad Manager? This episode of the Perpetual Traffic podcast will show you where to start.

Keith, Molly and Ralph will teach you the four Facebook Custom Audiences every business should set up right now. These audiences are the foundation of your Facebook ad strategy.

Episode 21: 3 New Facebook Ad Types


In this episode of the PT podcast, you’ll learn to use three powerful new Facebook Ad types: Carousel Ads, Video Ads and Lead Ads.

Keith, Molly and Ralph will teach you what these ads are, when you should use them and provide real “in the trenches” use cases for each ad type.

No matter what you’re selling, you’ll find at least one of these new Facebook ad types a good fit for your business.