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Perfect Content Marketing: How Content Generates Leads and Sales at Every Step of the Funnel

Learn DigitalMarketer's TOFU, MOFU, BOFU Content Marketing system that transforms ice cold prospects into high-ticket and multi-buyers.

Russ Henneberry |

The Gap in iTunes Reporting that Provides Instant Podcasting ROI

Learn how a podcast quickly gives you “access to influence.” And, if you know how to turn access into opportunity, you can get almost immediate ROI from your podcast.

Brad Costanzo |
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DigitalMarketer's 21 Best Digital Marketing Articles of 2016

The people have spoken. These are the 21 most popular articles on the DigitalMarketer blog in 2016. This is the stuff you can't miss out on.

Matt Douglas |

DigitalMarketer Year in Review 2016

The DigitalMarketer Team has rounded up our metrics, milestones, and achievements of 2016 to share with our community. After all, we wouldn't be here without you! Take a look and help us make 2017 even better!

Lindsay Marder |
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7 Lessons Learned from Running 440 Facebook Ad Campaigns in One Year

We ran 440 Facebook Ad campaigns in 2015. We break down the offer, ad targeting, ad creative and sales copy in our top performing ads of the year.

Molly Pittman |
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Messenger Apps, Internal Agencies, Death to Hyper-Attribution and 5 More Digital Marketing Predictions for 2017

Join the DigitalMarketer team for another year of predictions. What changed on the digital marketing landscape for 2017? We're predicting the growth of messenger apps, death to hyper-attribution, "internal agencies", content changes, community preference, artificial intelligence. Phew! Let's get the year started.

Ryan Deiss |
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11 Digital Marketing Experts Share Their Marketing Home Run of 2016

We rounded up 11 digital marketing experts to share their home runs of 2016—including funnel strategy, ads, email campaigns, and platform insights. Swipe their insights to make your 2017 even better!

Lindsay Marder |
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