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[DOWNLOAD] The 15-Point Landing Page Audit

When we evaluate a landing page at DigitalMarketer we evaluate 15 major elements on the page. Click here audit your landing page with our 15-Point tool..

Justin Rondeau |

The First Step Toward Launching (or Relaunching) a Successful Business is a Simple Fill-In-The-Blank Sentence

A simple, 2-part exercise that will boil your marketing down to a single sentence that can be used to communicate your value to prospective customers.

Ryan Deiss |
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Want More Traffic From Google? Use these 5 Blog Post Headline Templates

The team at Lean Labs has been hard at work testing 5 headline templates built specifically to get more traffic from Google. See how they've put them to work and grown their organic traffic 2X every 6 months.

Ryan Scott |
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The 4-Step AdWords Audit that 3X Sales and Cut Ad Spend by 25% in 7 Months

Find out how one PPC agency cut ad spend by 25% and 3X sales in 7 months using a 4-step process to dig into wasted keywords and budget.

Jacob Baadsgaard |
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How We Got 53,682 Unique Visitors to a Dead, Two-Year Old Blog Post

9 months ago we started testing blog strategies to revive our content graveyard. Today we're sharing our results and the 3-step process for updating and republishing old content. See immediate and long-lasting results creating easier content that's exactly what your audience wants.

Russ Henneberry |
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[Case Study] How a Large Electronics Retailer Grew Revenue by 60% with an Optimized PPC Strategy in 6 Months

See how restructuring this electronic retailers PPC strategy for product, branding, and geo-targeting increased revenue by 60% YoY in 6 months.

Holly Pauzer |
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Facebook Ad Design Inspiration: Veteran Graphic Designer Critiques 10 Facebook Ads

See how 10 companies' Facebook ads stacked up in the eyes of DigitalMarketer's veteran Graphic Designer. Use these tips as inspiration the next time you create ads for your Facebook ad campaigns.

Britney Arkin |
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