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Get the 3-Step Pinterest Jumpstart Plan that Led to a 40% Increase in BabyList's Revenue

Brittany Murlas launched BabyList on Pinterest during her time as CMO. The results were game changing. Using the 3-step jumpstart plan in this post, she shares how any brand can take advantage of the massive opportunity on Pinterest—organically.

Brittany Murlas |
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Advertising on Facebook? This Little Tweak Cut Our Lead Cost in Half

What happens when you test out a new campaign letting Facebook's "Automatic Placement" do the decision making for you? Find out from Sue Zimmerman, as she shares her recent campaign results and the strategies that HALVED her lead cost.

Sue Zimmerman |
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The Best of Traffic & Conversion 2017: 59 Insights, Marketing Content, and Actionable Strategies

Learn the highlights and actionable marketing strategies of Traffic & Conversion Summit 2017, the largest conversion conference in North America.

Matt Douglas |
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[Download] The 8-Step Email Deliverability Checklist to Generate More Conversions, Revenue, and Customer Engagement

Use Tim Starr's 8-step email deliverability checklist to generate more conversions, revenue, and customer engagement. PDF version available.

Tim Starr |
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[Part 1] The Display Grid: How to Scale Your AdWords Display Campaigns Profitably with Laser-Focused Targeting and the Right Choice of Ad Type

Want to scale your Google Display Campaigns? Get The Display Grid, a system that will help you build out effective Google Display campaigns and improve your campaign's potential.

Mike Rhodes |
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How To Write Blog Posts That Sell

Here's everything you need to write blog posts that sell. Russ Henneberry, Director of Editorial, shares the ultimate guide to creating blog content that converts prospects into leads and sales.

Russ Henneberry |
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How to Hire a Content Marketer: A Complete Hiring Kit for Recruiting, Selecting, & Training

Looking to hire a content marketer? Or, are you a content marketer looking to get hired? Click here to get our Content Marketer Hiring Kit.

Russ Henneberry |
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