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Marketing Reading List: Elements of Value, The Dude, and Growth Hacking (...among other things!)

Jess Lonett shares what's on our marketing reading list. Posts geared towards Twitter conversion, time management, self-awareness, social proof, and Game of Thrones.

Jess Lonett |
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Case Study: How This Facebook Ad Generated 129,890 Leads in 1 Year

Molly Pittman is sharing the details on DigitalMarketer's most profitable Facebook ad. Get the Offer, Copy, Creative, and Ad Scent of the ad that generated 129,890 leads in 1 year for $3.15 a piece.

Molly Pittman |
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How Ezra Firestone Generated $41,254.34 in Ecommerce Sales From $775.50 in Pinterest Ad Spend

Find out how Ezra Firestone found success with the new Pinterest Ad platform and the three pro tips he has for those just starting out.

Ezra Firestone |
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How 3 Unforgivable Community Management Mistakes Cost Pokémon GO Millions in Active Users

Pokémon GO lost millions in active users in a matter of days after failing to commit to their community. Check out the three unforgivable mistakes they made and avoid dropping the ball in your own community.

Suzi Nelson |
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3-Step Viral Video Formula: How a Little Known Fitness Company Gained Over 3.9 Million Views on YouTube

There's more to viral videos than dancing grandmas and silly cats. Use the 3-Step Viral Video Formula responsible for countless viral videos and one that generated 4 millions views for Six Pack Shorts. Master Step 3 (the step most businesses struggle with) and you'll be miles ahead of the competition.

Adam Lyons |

How an Unknown Podcaster Generated 100,525 Organic Downloads in 80 Days

Launching a podcast? Use the 14 organic strategies the MWF Motivation podcast used to generate 100,525 downloads in 80 days -- with no email list, no advertising budget, and no marketing experience.

Rob Dial |

52 Weeks of Podcasting: Here's the #1 Factor in Our Success

After 52 weeks and 750,000 downloads of the Perpetual Traffic podcast, we're sharing the #1 factor to our success. It boils down to one magic number: 8.

Molly Pittman |
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