52 Weeks of Podcasting: Here's the #1 Factor in Our Success

After 52 weeks and 750,000 downloads of the Perpetual Traffic podcast, we're sharing the #1 factor to our success. It boils down to one magic number: 8.

Molly Pittman |
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[DOWNLOAD] The 15-Point Landing Page Audit

When we evaluate a landing page at DigitalMarketer we evaluate 15 major elements on the page. Click here audit your landing page with our 15-Point tool..

Justin Rondeau |

The First Step Toward Launching (or Relaunching) a Successful Business is a Simple Fill-In-The-Blank Sentence

A simple, 2-part exercise that will boil your marketing down to a single sentence that can be used to communicate your value to prospective customers.

Ryan Deiss |
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Want More Traffic From Google? Use these 5 Blog Post Headline Templates

The team at Lean Labs has been hard at work testing 5 headline templates built specifically to get more traffic from Google. See how they've put them to work and grown their organic traffic 2X every 6 months.

Ryan Scott |
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The 4-Step AdWords Audit that 3X Sales and Cut Ad Spend by 25% in 7 Months

Find out how one PPC agency cut ad spend by 25% and 3X sales in 7 months using a 4-step process to dig into wasted keywords and budget.

Jacob Baadsgaard |
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How We Got 53,682 Unique Visitors to a Dead, Two-Year Old Blog Post

9 months ago we started testing blog strategies to revive our content graveyard. Today we're sharing our results and the 3-step process for updating and republishing old content. See immediate and long-lasting results creating easier content that's exactly what your audience wants.

Russ Henneberry |
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[Case Study] How a Large Electronics Retailer Grew Revenue by 60% with an Optimized PPC Strategy in 6 Months

See how restructuring this electronic retailers PPC strategy for product, branding, and geo-targeting increased revenue by 60% YoY in 6 months.

Holly Pauzer |
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