How to Build a Quiz Funnel

Build a Quiz Funnel to Attract New Qualified Leads

Build A Quiz Funnel To Attract New Qualified Leads is our 1-day, go-at-your-own-pace, online workshop that shows you exactly how to build a high-converting, lead-generating quiz that drives leads (and sales) AND segments your customers for you, without any extra work on your end.

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Tired of Wasting Your Money on UNQUALIFIED Leads from the Same Old Acquisition Funnel?

According to Hubspot, only 18% of marketers believe their marketing is providing high-quality (a.k.a. highly-INTERESTED) leads for their businesses.

That means 82%—EIGHTY FREAKIN’ TWO PERCENT—of companies are spending thousands of dollars on Facebook, Google, and everywhere in between…

…only to be UNSATISFIED with the outcome. That’s a LOT of money to be spending on something you’re not positive about.

But the sad truth is that too many marketers focus more on the number of leads they’re bringing in than they do the actual QUALITY of those leads. (DigitalMarketer has fallen into this trap in the past, too.)

This is a problem that’s not only affecting you in the present…but also the future.

Because to scale your business, you can’t JUST focus on growing your list. You also need to  make sure that the people on it actually CARE about what you have to offer…

After all, what good is a low cost per acquisition if your email engagement and sales page conversion rates are HOT GARBAGE?

Think about it. When you bring in unqualified leads, all you’re really doing is collecting email addresses on a hope and prayer that they MIGHT convert to sales… some day. (Because even the BEST marketing email in the world can’t save you from a person who’s outside of your market.)

And to complicate things even more, lead gen isn’t getting any easier. Customers today are savvier and more inundated with marketing messages than ever before…

…which means the same-old tactics you’ve been using up to now aren’t enough to cut through the noise.


…you know why the value of your leads is important to getting more conversions. But in 2020, how do you acquire QUALIFIED leads that actually take action?

A “Quiz Funnel” Is The Single Most Effective Strategy Used By Brands With The Biggest Lists On The Planet

Quizzes are the perfect solution to build your list because they have a compelling way of generating curiosity in your target market AND getting your prospects’ contact information.

 When someone takes a quiz, it doesn’t feel like they’re being marketed to—instead, they feel like they’re learning something valuable about themselves. (And in most cases they are.)

PLUS, with a quiz funnel, you get more than just email addresses. You also gain valuable data that you can use to market to your subscribers more effectively.

Another amazing benefit of quiz funnels? They have an inherently viral nature, which makes them a perfect fit for sharing on social media.

In fact…

Some of the Biggest Companies In The World Are Built On The Back Of One Great Quiz


That’s all it takes.

One good quiz can absolutely transform your company, skyrocketing you all the way from small time to big leagues—just like it did for companies like:


This productivity/personality assessment from business consulting firm Gallup highlights your personal strengths and helps you leverage them in the workplace.

Over 20 million people have taken it.

That’s a lot of highly qualified leads for Gallup.


This skincare giant uses an onsite “What’s My Skin Type?” assessment quiz to determine which of ProActiv’s creams and skin care products can best treat each user’s acne.

To date, over 20 million people have taken this quiz, too.


Or consider RealAge, whose test is actually able to  identify your body’s “real” health age as it applies to your lifestyle habits… 

…a test that has been taken over 40 million times.

Can you imagine growing an email list of 40 million people all because of ONE quiz?

And keep this in mind: not only are these companies building 7- and 8-figure email lists, they’re also learning valuable information about each and every one of those leads based on their quiz results.

Which means that with some smart segmentation, they can send targeted offers to their millions of leads offering them the product best-suited to their needs.

Are you excited yet?

You should be. Because the truth is that one good quiz can change everything for your business.

And in this workshop, you’ll learn EXACTLY how to do just that.

But hold on. There’s something really important you need to know before you get started…

WARNING: Do NOT Create A Quiz Until You Take This Workshop

It’s true that quiz funnels have tremendous upside, including the power to catapult your company’s growth…but there’s also an extremely common mistake you need to be aware of and avoid at ALL costs: 

It’s the failure to guide prospects through the proper sequence of questions that uniquely primes them for the sale.

Sure, you might succeed at generating leads…but if you don’t ask the right questions in the right order, you run the risk of bringing in leads that don’t convert.

So if you want to create a quiz that’s actually going to get you QUALIFIED leads, you need to know what you’re doing.

That’s why you need to take this Quiz Funnel workshop.

When you sign up today, you’ll get the rare opportunity to learn how to create a quiz that not only builds your list like crazy, but is also designed to successfully convert your new leads into sales. 

And you’ll learn it from one of the world’s top marketing experts—the guy who literally invented quiz funnels—Ryan Levesque.

So just click the green “Get Instant Access” button to get started building your list with a quiz funnel now.


What You’ll Learn

  • How to build a viral quiz to quickly grow a massive list of qualified leads
  • How to turn those quiz-takers into product buyers by the end of the quiz
  • How to drive even more conversions by split testing your quiz so your hook, bridge, and offer
  • How to implement your quiz quickly, so you can start building your list and getting more sales NOW


Ryan Levesque

CEO – The ASK Method

Ryan Levesque is the Inc. 500 CEO of The ASK Method® Company, and the #1 national best-selling author of Ask, which was named by Inc. as the #1 Marketing Book of the Year. His work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Forbes, and Entrepreneur and over 250,000 entrepreneurs subscribe to his email newsletter offering business advice.


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This is an “On-demand” training that you can access at any time.

Once your payment is submitted, you will receive an email with your login details for our flagship product, DigitalMarketer Lab, where you’ll be able to access the training. It is a go at your own pace training so you don’t have to worry about missing anything.

Any marketer interested in learning how to generate more qualified leads for their business with an engaging, easy funnel.

More specifically, this workshop is a great fit for…

  • Entrepreneurs and startup founders preparing for launch
  • Business owners and executives who want to cut through all the technical mumbo-jumbo
  • Freelancers and solos who want to learn the quick-and-dirty methods (that actually work)
  • Agencies looking to add video production to their menu of service

Frankly, if you’re limiting yourself to PDF ebooks for your lead generation efforts, you’re already behind.

To capture the attention of today’s savvy consumers, you need something that does a better job of speaking to your target customer and delivering personalized value in exchange for their contact information.

And simply put, quizzes are the absolute best way to do that. This strategy is phenomenally effective at generating interest from ice-cold leads and transitioning them (quickly) to prospects and customers.

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