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Drive Immediate Sales AND Build Your Brand…Fast!
This cutting-edge strategy combines the consistency of an evergreen funnel with the profitability of a product launch to guarantee your success in the most competitive climate in digital marketing history

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Does it feel like no matter what you do right now…

Your Funnels Are Failing?

If so, you are in good company.

Everyone from seasoned marketers to big brands are feeling the pain.

The one-two punch of the pandemic moving every business in the world online while the privacy changes stripped us of the ability to track & target our prospects have left a lot of marketers on the canvas.

It’s tough right now.

Data is unreliable, ads are expensive, and the marketplace is more crowded than ever

Plus all this comes at a time when the rewards have never been greater.

In 2020, Americans spent a record breaking $188.2 BILLION dollars online during the holiday season, up 32% from 2019.

That is nearly $1.5 million spent every minute of Q4 last year and that is just in the United States alone.

If you are wondering…we are already on pace to dwarf those numbers this year.

That is a mind boggling amount of money but before you discount the fact that most of that will go to the Amazon’s and big businesses of the world…

Think about what just a tiny sliver of that pie would mean for you and your business.

Just 1-one hundred thousandth of a percent of that pie makes you a millionaire before the year is out.

You hungry for a slice? 🥧

I know we are bringing our sweatpants to the holiday party this year.

But, the question remains…

How Do You Combat Rising Ad Costs, A Hyper Competitive Market, And The Old Playbooks Not Working Anymore…And Do It Fast??

Well to help with that, this week only, I am laying out our own internal strategy we developed as our secret weapon in the Q4 war, it’s called…

The Blitz Launch

A Blitz Launch is a carefully coordinated, multi-channel marketing campaign that takes place over 7 to 14 days.

During that time we combine the power of email, social media, and re-targeting to drive all of our prospect’s attention to a single concept known as the “Big Idea”.

The “Big Idea” is the missing ingredient to most marketer’s success in this new reality.

It’s no longer possible to rely on targeting and 3rd party data to make selling your products easy..

As a marketer, it’s essential you develop a “new” and “exciting” Big Idea to act as a lightning rod in the marketplace.

Once you’ve done that, you can drive all the attention you can handle…in a very short period of time…for immediate success and then repeat and perpetuate that process month after month for long term predictability.

That’s exactly what we will show you how to do in this training…even if you feel like your product or service is old, boring, or commoditized.

There’s a secret to this and we are going to share that with you.

The result is massive awareness and engagement that drives both immediate sales and long term brand building.

With A Blitz Launch, You Truly Get The Best Of Both Worlds…

This strategy is unique because it combines the massive profit spike of a product launch without the risk and the predictability of an evergreen funnel without the burn out.

By the time we’re finished working together, you’ll have the framework for a multi-channel “Blitz Launch” that contains all the core assets you need to clarify your brand’s “BIG IDEA,” attract a surge of leads, and convert them into red-hot, repeat buyers.

Snag this INSTANT ACCESS training, and let’s start building YOUR Blitz Launch today…

Here’s What We’ll Create Together

In this training, we will show you how to brainstorm your “big idea,” storyboard your campaign across a variety of channels, and teach you how to execute and optimize your “blitz” to turn heads and drive leads… all in just a matter of hours.

You’ll also…

  • Leverage our fill-in-the-blank “Marketing Blitz Planner” to wireframe every step of your campaign and ensure you’re getting the RIGHT message in front of the RIGHT people at the RIGHT time.
  • Discover the core concepts of a “Blitz Launch” and the elements that make a successful campaign.
  • Follow the DigitalMarketer Marketing Team’s 3 proven formulas for creating your “Big Idea”--A stand-alone piece of high-value content that causes your audience to acknowledge and accept YOUR conclusion as their new reality.
  • See how companies like NikeDriftDollar Shave ClubDoveDominos, and The Hustle are using “Big Ideas” in their marketing to grow their customer base… and their recurring revenue.
  • Learn the 5 critical assets that every Blitz Launch needs to effectively drive leads…and convert those leads into paying customers.

Discover the key to creating a unified call-to-action that leads droves of like-minded customers straight to your doorstep.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to use our “Marketing Blitz Planner” to outline, ideate, and execute a “blitz launch” custom-tailored to your business.
  • The core concepts of a “Blitz Launch” and everything you need to create a successful campaign that drives sales and awareness.
  • How to create a “Big Idea” that resonates with your audience and gives your marketing a purpose that is bigger than “buy this now!”
  • The 5 critical assets that every Blitz Launch needs to effectively drive leads and convert those leads into sales.


Ryan Deiss

Co-Founder & CEO, DigitalMarketer

Ryan Deiss is an entrepreneur, author, and investor, and according to Shark Tank star, Daymond John, “His companies practically own the internet.”

Ryan’s entrepreneurial endeavors began while he was a college student, launching his first very first website and generating his very first sale from his freshman dorm room. By the time he graduated, this one online property had ballooned into 500, and a hobby had grown into a business.

Fast forward to the present day, Ryan is the Founder and CEO of The Scalable Company (, DigitalMarketer,, and a Founding Partner at Scalable Equity, LLC, a venture equity accelerator that builds and acquires B2B media and software brands.

Ryan is the creator of the “Customer Value Optimization” methodology, and has introduced and popularized many of the digital selling strategies that modern companies now take for granted.

His company, DigitalMarketer, is the leading provider of digital marketing training and certifications. Its community has over 15,000 paid members, and over a half a million subscribers. Ryan is also the founder and host of the Traffic & Conversion Summit, the largest digital marketing conversion conference in North America.

Ryan is also a best-selling author and a sought-after speaker who has shared the stage with top business leaders and celebrities like Sir Richard Branson, William Shatner, Gary Vaynerchuk, Rachel Hollis, Tim Ferris, Daymond John, and Dave Ramsey.

Most importantly, Ryan is a proud father of four, and husband to Emily, to whom he gives all the credit for everything he has ever done.


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This is an “On-demand” training that you can access at any time.

Once your payment is submitted, you will receive an email with your login details for our flagship product, DigitalMarketer Lab, where you’ll be able to access the training. It is a go at your own pace workshop so you don’t have to worry about missing anything.

Any marketer interested in learning how to create a NEW WAY of launching their product offerings.

  • Entrepreneurs and startup founders preparing for launch
  • Business owners and executives who want to cut through all the technical mumbo-jumbo
  • Freelancers and solos who want to learn the quick-and-dirty methods (that actually work)
  • Agencies looking to add “Blitz Launch” to their menu of services

The short answer: traditional product launches and the (now iconic) Marketing funnel are losing their shine by the day, it seems. A Blitz Launch is a new way to seize your audience’s attention… and keep it.

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