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Easily Grab Your Prospect's Attention

With the right tools and strategies, you can persuade your prospects to buy and make quicker sales!

The Before and After Grid

When you work through the grid, you’ll see why it’s necessary to connect with your customers and speak to the desired end result.

Discovering Core Emotions

By exploring a variety of different emotions (other than fear and greed), you’ll be able to reach your prospects on a more personal level, which will cultivate better relationships in the long-run.

The 4-Legged Stool

Based on a metaphor by Mark Morgan Ford, The 4-Legged Stool will help you create promotions using credibility, track record, benefit (or promise), and idea.


Community-building Content

Connect With Your Prospects on a New Level

Building better relationships from the start will only result in customers who truly see value in your product.

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Set Your Brand Apart with Copy That Resonates

Discover how to persuade prospects to buy while still connecting with them.

Much like the Customer Avatar is imperative to understanding your ideal customer, The Ad Grid is essential to writing relevant copy for your audience. Through the grid, you’ll discover how to connect with your prospects during the “before and after state of mind.” Instead of just focusing on the benefits your product or service provides, you’ll learn to write copy around the problems that prospects are facing and how you can understand their current frustration on a more human level.

That’s one of the keys to successful copywriting:  connecting to potential customer’s core emotions. All copy doesn’t need to be about fear – you can leverage a lot of other emotions in order to persuade a prospect. From curiosity to hope, there’s a lot more depth to your copy when you dip into the core of what a prospect wants and needs.

In order to gain credibility, for example, you need to prove that your product will do what you say it will.

Providing information, such as testimonials, will help establish a trust between you and a potential prospect. Credibility goes hand and hand with your track record: you need to prove success and value. You might show this through the number of satisfied customers or the number of products you sold over the last year.

As you’ll learn, you should always lead with one main benefit or promise in your copy. The idea is to search for the “So what?” and then prove the benefit. Last but not least, you need an idea in order to be successful at persuading prospects. Of course, your idea has to appeal to your ideal customer, but it also has to be shareable! A good idea isn’t confusing – it’s easy to communicate and simple enough that it has an impact.

Overall,DM will help you dig deeper into the heart of your content and teach you how to sell more effectively.


Learn the Ins and Outs of Great Copywriting

Direct-response copy has the ability to get prospects to take specific actions and DM will help will teach you the keys to success.

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