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Use the "Content Aggregator" template to create viral blog posts - FAST (without ever having to "write" a single line of text)

  • How to find popular content your audience will love (that stuff that people are already sharing) in 5 minutes or less.
  • 5 Steps to turn other people's content into a viral post on your site (don’t worry it’s 100% "white hat"… in fact Google sends lots of love to these type of posts)
  • The 12 must-have elements of a true "viral" blog post (miss just one of these and you’ll be sorry)...
  • Works in any industry or vertical and we can prove it! (we've used it in women’s makeup, financial, preparedness, DIY and more… you’ll see real life examples AND results)
  • you'll see the FREE tool we use to crank these posts out FAST.

"The 'Content Aggregator' is my go to template when I need a new post to get a ton of likes, comments and shares! Download it and use it - because it just flat works!"

-Russ Henneberry, Director of Editorial, DigitalMarketer

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