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Hamoon Green

Hamoon Green is the CEO & Chief Strategist of Quick Boost Marketing. He helps 7-8 figure e-commerce brands generate 30% – 40% of their total revenue through email marketing and marketing consultation. Profit Guaranteed.

Hamoon Green

Hamoon Green is the CEO & Chief Strategist of Quick Boost Marketing.

Refugee turned Teacher, Rapper + Songwriter at Warner Chappell, then turned Marketing Nerd & Copywriting Flamethrower.
Helping 7-Figure brands easily add 30% – 50% in revenue through email marketing.

Oh, and I’m helping a German 7-figure beauty brand generate 51% of their revenue through – you guessed it – email marketing.

Going through that brand’s email marketing report for last month was so fun, by the way, that they hired me as their Fractional CMO and asked me to marry their daughter to strengthen our bond for eternity.

Okay, that last part was totally made up, but I’m pretty sure they were actually thinking about it.

What else? I’ve written emails for well-known entrepreneurs like Akbar Sheikh (“Hamoon is one of the best copywriters I’ve ever met”) and Kevin David (“Hamoon’s ideation, copywriting and speed of delivery is top-notch”).

(Wonder how I got them to utter such absurdities about my skills? I will soon release my brand-new course on this topic called “How to Effortlessly Get Celebrity Testimonials at Gun-Point”).

Anyway, I’m stoked to have been invited as the instructor for the copywriting section of Digital Marketer’s new Email Marketing Certification Course!

I look forward to meeting (and helping) as many people as possible in Digital Marketer’s awesome community.


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