When someone likes their experience with your brand, trust begins to build. Once that happens, it’s time to ask for a small commitment— gathering contact information and permission to connect.

There’s just one problem. Today, people are careful about giving out their email address. You have to offer something valuable that makes it worth their while. 

The question we ask ourselves at the Subscribe stage is, “What valuable chunk of content can we offer in exchange for a prospect’s contact information and permission to follow up with them?” 

Some things you might leverage to build your email list are

  1. A Downloadable Report or a White Paper. 
  2. A Tool Template Checklist 
  3. A Downloadable PDF (one of our best converting lead magnets of all time is our Facebook Ad Swipe File, its just a list of all of the different Facebook ads we have run in the past.)
  4. Quiz Surveys (like our “What Type of Marketer Are You?” quiz.)
  5. Webinars and Consulting Sessions 
  6. Discount and Coupon Codes (for e-Commerce)

If you look around you’ll see these all over the place. Mortgage companies use Mortgage Calculators, Scalable (our sister company) uses our “Seven Levels to Scale” which is our primary lead magnet. 

All of these can be used as a value to get somebody to give you their contact information. So what do you use? What is your lead?

How could Hazel & Hems or Cyrus & Clark apply the subscription stage to their business?

For Hazel & Hems Boutique, a great way to get customers to subscribe is to offer exclusive discounts, products, and promotions that require subscription. Another method may be to host a weekly giveaway of a small item that requires subscription to be on the list.

For Cyrus & Clark Media, subscription to an exclusive email list that contains “secret” marketing methods for the Construction industry, combined with a piece of gated content such as a downloable asset called “10 Mistakes That Prevent Your Construction Company Growth” could be effective tools for the Subscription Stage.

Logann Norris

Logann Norris

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