Engagement is essentially building or deepening a relationship with current and future prospects. 

As a digital marketer, this stage begins immediately after your first interaction with a prospect and continues through their entire experience with your brand. 

The engagement stage is how we leverage content and follow up to engage new prospects AND re-engage existing prospects. The temptation with this is just to say email follow up or videos. Let’s get more specific. 

If you look back at the awareness stage, what is the ad that you’re leveraging and where does it send people? If it’s sending someone straight to an offer page, then you’re bypassing the engage stage. 

If your advertising is going straight to the subscribe stage and that’s working for you, it’s okay to occasionally skip a step. But if your ad is having people watch a video, you’re ENGAGED with actually watching the video in the ad. Engagement can be as simple as watching the video or reading the ad itself. 

How do we re-engage? If you have a follow up series for the people who subscribe but dont buy, you need to re-engage. People who you know click through but don’t sign up can be sent a follow up.

How are you engaging new prospects and leveraging follow up marketing to re-engage the prospects that you already have? 

With Hazel & Hems Boutique being in the fashion niche, engagement is more simple to implement. 

Your goal is to post content that promotes engagement through likes, shares, comments, and link clicks to the online store.

This can be as simple as asking viewers questions within an attractive post… something like “how would you pair our most popular bracelet with your outfit” or “score our daily outfit (typically called #OOTD) ensemble from one to ten.”

With Cyrus & Clark Media targeting construction business owners, there is a good opportunity to use two more indirect methods of engagement. For the first one, the agency could host a podcast to discuss common construction industry marketing information, then simply invite prospective business owners to be interviewed as an expert on the show.

A second engagement technique would be to develop a private facebook group for construction business owners to discuss successful marketing strategies, then simply invite prospects to join for free.

Either method encourages prospects to engage without overtly selling them a product or service.

Logann Norris

Logann Norris

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