If you’ve never utilized a top to bottom marketing strategy like the CVJ, the Awareness stage is what you probably think “marketing” is. Put simply, it’s making people aware of your product and brand.

Awareness is the critical first step in a customer’s journey. In order to buy from you, they need to know about you.

At this point, think about one core offering that you most want to sell, and what is the one customer avatar that you have in mind. That is absolutely critical wit any given business, there’s never just one journey. Customer journeys are largely based on the thing that you’re selling, and who you’re selling it to. 

Map your customer journey so you can answer the question: How do qualified prospects find out about our brand? 

What channels do we leverage to create initial awareness? Hopefully this is pretty simple. What are the channels that you are currently leveraging to drive awareness to this particular product or service offer? There’s a really good change that unless your business is based entirely on referrals or based primarily on organic search, you’ll need to leverage social media in your awareness stage.

Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube are four big channels owned by just two companies. They represent over 80% of all digital ads. If you’re thinking how could we expand and accelerate down the road when it comes time for optimization, we encourage you to stick to the big four. If you aren’t currently leveraging one or more of these channels you probably should.

What are you doing to get people to know you exist? What is your primary channel?

Luckily for Hazel & Hems Boutique, the core product is visually appealing and the customer avatar is very active on social media.

What better way to promote her products than paid ads and organic posts through social media platforms. 

With Hazel’s brand focusing on fashion, one of the most effective social media tactics is through live videos, visually appealing in-use and lifestyle photos, and paid ads through Facebook, instagram, and Tiktok. 

Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok would be great ways to showcase her unique products, and these platforms are more than likely to be used by her target audience looking for new fashion trends. 

For Cyrus & Clark Media, organic search, Facebook advertising, and network marketing online can be utilized for awareness. 

Their target market is relatively old school, meaning that organic search content answering expert questions relating to marketing and the construction industry could be helpful. 

If their target audience is on any social media platform, it will be Facebook, which 84% of people aged 30-49 have an account. 

Posts and ads showcasing the agency’s knowledge of the construction business and real results including testimonials, metrics, and case studies will interest their customer avatar the most.

Logann Norris

Logann Norris

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