Certified Partner
Training Day

Thursday, March 25th
12 PM Central Time

Whether you’re brand new to the DigitalMarketer Certified Partner Program, or an existing Partner looking to level up with some new strategies, we’ve got you covered.

Every month we’re bringing you a full day of agency training — only for Certified Partners. You’ll hear from some of the top experts in the digital marketing community, plus a few familiar faces along the way! We’ll unpack how to utilize the tools in your portal, fill your prospect pipelines, better position for your business, and grow your retainers.

Mark your calendars for the last Thursday of each month! We’ll see you in the chat.

Your Hosts
Bree Hemphill
Account Management Lead
Bethany Cowan
Programming Manager
Michelle Dalton
Community Manager
Kasim Aslam
Announcement Coming Soon
Announcement Coming Soon
Announcement Coming Soon
Kasim Aslam
12 PM Central

The First Step to Scaling Your Agency: Automate Your Customer Onboarding

Customer onboarding is a critical component of your business success and scalability — but near impossible to give it your full attention, especially with all the other things you have to juggle as an agency. The first step in freeing yourself up to focus on GROWING your agency is carving a smooth and easy path to success for your new clients. Kasim will walk you though how to bring automation in to make onboarding easier than ever.
No Additional Resources​
Chris Martinez
1 PM Central

How to Hire a Project Manager

Great project managers allow you to do more for your business and the best project managers can make you feel like you're two places at once. Chris Martinez from DUDE breaks down what to look for, how to evaluate your candidates, and how to structure your hiring process to get the best project manager for your business.
No Additional Resources
Lucas Garvin & Jim Hohl
2 PM Central

How We Shifted Our Agency From 100% Done-For-You Services… To A Scalable Hybrid Coaching Model

Whether you've run out of time to bring on and serve new clients, or you're ready to stop trading time for money, coaching is key. Learn how to scale efficiently and serve your clients better from the guys who taught us how to run a coaching program!
Matt Swan
3 PM Central

What's Working Now at DigitalMarketer

From sales page tweaks to accelerators to offer restructuring — Scalable + DigitalMarketer's Head of Growth unpacks what's working now to grow these organizations. Its a peak behind our own curtain so you can learn from both our wins and our losses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all of it!

The full recording will be available within 3 business days inside your Partner Portal. Head to to login, then select “Trainings” on the left sidebar.

Absolutely! We have new speakers starting at the top of every hour until the event ends. Anything you missed will be available to you on the recordings in the Partner Portal.

Post it in the chat! Your chat moderator and Community Manager, Michelle Dalton, will do her best to get it to the host so that it can be asked live 🙂

A few things…

  1. Turn your camera on! We’re all here and live, and our speakers can see everyone in the Zoom crowd 🙂 Let’s make sure human beings don’t have to talk to a sea of black boxes.
  2. Stay muted at all times. This should be taken care of for you, but just in case – check to make sure you’re muted!
  3. Some questions we will have asked live, on camera, for the speakers. This is interactive! We’ll make sure you’re ready to go when the time comes!
  4. Make sure the “Partner Training Day” feed is pinned so that you’re always able to see the presentation view.

To get help, voice concerns, or ask questions, please post directly into the chat. Make sure it’s “To: Everyone” so that the available moderators can help out.

Stay in the Zoom room, and we’ll get it back up ASAP.

Just above this section, in the Agenda. Other than slides, resources will be made available inside the Partner Portal once the recording becomes available.

This list will be updated with any important links throughout the day!