YouTube Launches Super Thanks
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YouTube Launches “Super Thanks” and It’s Super Stupid

YouTube has just launched the beta of a feature called “Super Thanks.” It’s a new way for content creators to monetize their following by allowing viewers to “tip” them for content.

The Haps

YouTube wants to encourage creators to stop sending their fans to alternative services like Patreon by offering a similar service called Super Thanks.

Super Thanks enables fans to support their favorite channels, while giving creators access to a new source of revenue.

For creators, building a business isn’t a one-size-fit-all approach. Some may gravitate towards tools like channel memberships while others may double down on Super Chat. At YouTube, we’re always looking for fresh ways creators can diversify their revenue streams. That’s why I’m excited to unveil our fourth Paid Digital Good — Super Thanks. This new feature gives creators yet another way to earn money while also allowing them to strengthen relationships with viewers.


What It Means for Marketers

On the face of it, Super Thanks looks like a convenient new way for YouTube content creators to monetize their following by giving fans the option to “thank them” with money (while greasing YouTube’s wheels at the same time). The problem is that the majority of YouTube users expect free content, and when they want to support their favorite content creators, they expect to receive something in return.

Unlike an exclusive community/subscription service like Patreon where content creators can treat members to exclusive content, community access, or “insider” information, Super Thanks doesn’t deliver anything but an animate GIF and a “distinct, colorful comment to highlight their purchase.” Sure, the content creator might appreciate it, but they’d probably appreciate subscribers purchasing their products, services, or gear much more.

My guess is that YouTube will realize this and simply buy Patreon for a bazillion dollars.



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