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[The Truth About Traffic] How Smart Digital Marketers Think About Website Traffic

Raise your hand if you’ve ever said the following…

“I have a GREAT offer!  I just need to get it OUT THERE and people would buy it!”

You think you have a website traffic problem.

I hate to tell you this BUT… today… TRAFFIC IS NOT A PROBLEM.

Successful digital marketers think of traffic in the same way…

  • a farmer thinks about fertilizer
  • a trucking company thinks about gasoline
  • a clothing manufacturer thinks about cotton

Allow me to explain in this quick video from my opening keynote presentation at Traffic and Conversion Summit 2015…

That’s the big question

“If everyone is paying the same per click, how do you get an edge?”

Here’s the SHORT ANSWER:  You need a Customer Acquisition System.

The long answer is far too involved to explain in a 3-minute video clip.  But for those that believe they have a GREAT offer — I have good news.

You can develop a system wherein you don’t “pay” for traffic.

Instead, traffic “pays” you.

You can create a repeatable process for generating new leads and customers.

Our brand new Paid Traffic Mastery Class teaches that system and I urge anyone that believes they have a “Traffic Problem” to learn more about this class.

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