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[Retargeting] 5 Resources That Will Bring You Up To Speed On The Future Of Website Traffic

Have you heard of retargeting?

Well… you’re going to hear a lot more about it in 2015.  If you’ve been burying your head in the sand — it’s time to get caught up on the hottest trend in website traffic.

The five retargeting resources we’ve curated for you below will bring you up to speed.

Let’s begin with this introduction (skip this first one if you’re already familiar with how retargeting works)…

1. A Brief Introduction to Retargeting

Introduction to Retargeting

If you’re a retargeting newbie this short article from the folks at Retargeter will get your feet wet.  By the time you’re through with this post you’ll be ready to tackle the rest of the articles and videos in this list.

2.  [New Formula] WCA + YC = Cheap, High Converting Traffic From Facebook


In April of this year we released information about how we’re using blog content and Facebook’s Website Custom Audience retargeting feature to laser target advertising messages.  If you’re a blogger or are creating any kind of content on your website — you need to check this out.

3.  Video Retargeting: How to Retarget on YouTube

As we head into 2015, Digital Marketer will be publishing more and more information about the testing we’re doing with YouTube advertising and, specifically, retargeting using Google AdWords and YouTube.

To get you started, watch this video from the good folks over at ReelSEO but don’t be surprised if you start getting retargeted by Reel SEO after you watch their video… 🙂

4. How to Plug a Leaky Sales Funnel with Facebook Retargeting


Molly Pittman does it again. In this post, Molly plugs the hole in your sales funnel by showing how to utilizing retargeting ads on Facebook. By using Facebook Website Custom Audiences and retargeting, you’ll be able to take your prospects through your funnel…one retargeting ad at a time.

5.  Retargeting Cage Match

There are a number of platforms you can use (including Google and Facebook) to set up retargeting.  In this short video our good friend Justin Brooke runs you through the pros and cons of the top four retargeting networks including…

  • AdRoll
  • SiteScout
  • Retargeter
  • Perfect Audience

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