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New Business Model? What IS Content & Commerce? (4 Minute Video)

There’s a new business model in town.

You may have heard us talking about content and commerce, but, most importantly, what do you need to know about it?

DigitalMarketer’s Director of Communications, Christine Haas, sat down with six ecommerce experts in 2016 to find out how they define content and commerce and why businesses need to be focusing their attention on this “new” initiative.

You’ll hear from…

Get the scoop in the video below:

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Lindsay Marder

Lindsay Marder

Lindsay Marder is the Co-Founder of She works with businesses in a variety of industries, leveraging digital marketing strategies to help them achieve their goals. Formerly the Managing Editor of DigitalMarketer, Lindsay managed the Editorial Team and the DigitalMarketer blog, generating over 7 million unique sessions in 2017.

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