How to Dominate as an Advertiser and Marketer
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Konnektive CRM: How to Dominate as an Advertiser and Marketer

Want more visibility and control over your own campaigns? How about reliability and uptime? Do you have trouble sleeping because you are scared that your CRM (customer relationship management) will go down overnight?

You’re not alone.

Remember these four important ways to stay in control of your CRM so you can dominate as an advertiser and marketer.

How to Dominate as an Advertiser and Marketer #1

The first would be reliability.

Every CRM platform and integration that you choose to run your business must be solid as a rock.

There are too many horror stories about marketers losing control of their own campaigns and businesses because of outages and downtimes from other CRMs on the market.

How to Dominate as an Advertiser and Marketer #2

The second is visibility and accurate reporting. Without these very important pieces, you are flying blind.

All of your performance data needs to be displayed on a vast reporting suite that also has mobile optimization so you can manage your business from your cell phone as well.

The deeper you can view your sales performance the better.

A tool that does just that is Konnektive CRM, which has made sure a traveling marketer has all the reports and analytics needed to manage their entire business right from their cell phone.

A solid affiliate tracking platform is key in this respect. This will give you complete control over every affiliate and sub-affiliate relationship. The need to know what your revenue per customer is and what each affiliate is making you or costing you is worth its weight in gold.

The deeper you can view your sales performance the better.

How to Dominate as an Advertiser and Marketer #3

Next is sales funnel automation. Multiple product offers allow you to reach your margins and “ring out the towel” once you have a buyer on the hook.

Let’s face it… qualified buyers are not cheap to acquire.

Once you have peaked their interest enough to get them to pull out their wallet, there needs to be a solid CRM platform that allows you to automate. This will allow you to get the most out of your media spend.

And knowing your ROI (return on investment) will give you the signal when it is time to scale.

How to Dominate as an Advertiser and Marketer #4

And finally, conversion. Without attaining the highest conversion on your ad campaign, you are leaving the door open for your competition.

The spoils will go to the highest converting ad campaign.

To do that, you must test, test… and test again.

(NOTE: Before you can start selling to your audience, you need to know who your ideal customer is, where they are, and what they will buy. Download our proven Customer Avatar Worksheet now and get clear on who you’re selling to.)

Download our proven Customer Avatar Worksheet to get clear on who you’re selling to


Brian Bolerjack

Brian Bolerjack

Brian Bolerjack is the Vice President of Sales for Konnektive CRM. After spending over a decade working in the online space, Brian knows what truly drives conversions and key relationships — and how to master the marketing flavor of the week. He is always keeping his finger on the pulse of the marketplace.

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