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How Freak Training Increased Sales by 30% With One Simple Funnel Tweak

We call it “The Juggernaut Method.”

And you know — with a name like that — it’s got to be good.

In fact, this system increased our immediate customer value (and overall revenue) by 30% and we’ve only just begun to apply it to ALL of our content.

Here’s the backstory…

Last month we revealed the 4-step slam dunk organic process we’ve used to generate 150,000 free leads (and counting) from YouTube.

But how do you turn that traffic into sales?

The system I’ll show you today (The Juggernaut) converts organic YouTube traffic into BUYERS and creates a constant stream of high volume organic traffic that converts.

But the truth is… this method could be applied to ANY traffic source that originates from valuable content —- including a blog.

The system segments your prospects by interest — allowing you to make SPECIFIC and RELEVANT offers to the leads you are generating.

And we all know that SPECIFICITY and RELEVANCE sells.

Let’s hop into the Juggernaut…

Our “old model” before the Juggernaut was to send everyone who watched our YouTube videos to the SAME squeeze page…

We own an online basketball training business, so we sent all of our traffic to a “Free Workout to Help With Scoring” by adding an annotation to our YouTube video after we upload it…


We thought that’s what our market wanted, and we were right, but we were also leaving SO many leads and sales on the table.

That squeeze page was converting at 43% percent (43% of people who clicked on our YouTube annotations would submit their email address for the free workout).

Here’s what that squeeze page looks like…


Over time, I began to learn about specificity and how important it was to match your content with your landing page, your offer, etc. The more specific the content, the better the funnel converted…

In other words, the leads we were generating may have been interested in basketball, but that didn’t necessarily mean they were qualified or that they would become a buyer.

I applied this concept to our YouTube videos.

We decided to create a specific squeeze page and Lead Magnet offer for each of our keywords, or specific interests within our market.

  • Vertical Jump
  • Ball Handling
  • Shooting the basketball.

Instead of sending all of the content videos to the same basketball offer, we created these squeeze pages:

We created this page for those interested in increasing their vertical jump…


And this page for those interested in ball handling…


And lastly, this page for those interested in scoring the basketball…


By sending traffic to separate squeeze pages based off of specific interests we were “segmenting” the traffic and sending visitors to offers that relate to them.

The cool thing about YouTube is with YouTube Associated Website Annotations, you can link to any page on your site. So for separate videos you can link annotations to separate squeeze pages.

For example, different video annotations would link to… (these aren’t the actual links… just examples to illustrate the point)

  • (We might send traffic through clickable annotations in videos about vertical jumping)
  • (and so on and so on)

So all of our videos on YouTube about scoring, go to the free scoring workout gift. Our vertical jump videos went to the squeeze page that offered a free gift to help the viewer improve their vertical.

(Most Recent Video Released to YouTube)

We saw a 30% INCREASE across the board for all squeeze pages.

Hence a 30% over all growth in business!


But, that’s not even the full YouTube Juggernaut.

Here’s when things got crazy… crazy good.

You see, the YouTube Juggernaut came to life when we realized the exact same concept can be applied to our autoresponders and sales funnels in general.

Even though we divided our squeeze pages and improved conversions, we were still funneling everyone to the exact same product and autoresponder (just different Lead Magnets)!

Hence a massive drop in conversion, and HUGE disconnect for players who originally signed up for a free “shooting/ ball handling/ basketball moves” free gift.

So we SHUT DOWN our business for a week and went to work installing FREE GIFTS, an autoresponder, and Tripwire Offers 100% BASED on the KEYWORD our YouTube videos were targeting.

(If you’re unfamiliar with Tripwires and funnels, you NEED to check out Ryan Deiss’s Customer Value Optimization process!)

By offering them a free gift that is…

  • valuable
  • easy to digest
  • instantly gratifying
  • and extremely relevant to their interest

… we start instantly building value and trust with the new lead.

Then, by having an autoresponder 100% dedicated to that keyword, with an introductory product in place based on solving that particular problem, we see a MASSIVE increase in conversion across the board.

Here’s what these funnels look like inside of Infusionsoft:


As you can see each squeeze page leads to an entirely different funnel.

We’re using free, organic traffic from YouTube to segment our market by specific interests and then making offers based off of the topic that THEY select.

That, my friends, is the YouTube Marketing Juggernaut!

You can simply build out a product and use a Gain-Logic-Fear email autoresponder for all of your YouTube keywords.

With this system, there is no delay or time for the potential customer to “cool” off the topic THEY had originally searched YouTube for.

Here’s what our first email looks like after they opt-in for our Lead Magnet for scoring…


In this Welcome Email, after we introduce ourselves, we drive these new leads to our “Can’t Be Guarded Scoring System” sales page…


Let’s review the sequence…

  • A prospect searches YouTube using a keyword like “how to shoot a basketball”
  • They watch our video and click on the call-to-action to get our free scoring gift (the Lead Magnet)
  • They opt-in for the Lead Magnet and are segmented as a lead that is interested in scoring the basketball
  • We make a Tripwire Offer for our “Can’t Be Guarded” product
  • If they don’t buy, we follow up via email to sell them the “Can’t Be Guarded Scoring System”

Do you see the power of the YouTube Juggernaut?

The offers and communications are 100% driven by their interest. And that equals huge conversion rates.

Put the YouTube Juggernaut to work and you’ll see instant increases in:

  • Squeeze Page Conversion
  • Email Open Rates
  • Sales Page Conversions
  • Upsell Conversions
  • Business Income

The YouTube Juggernaut system is customizable to your needs.

It doesn’t matter if you sell online or physical products or if you have a service-based business.

The KEY takeaway here is to use YouTube as a content distribution channel where you can generate traffic and segment prospects… all for FREE.

Rocky Ullah

Rocky Ullah

Rocky Ullah is the President of Get More Views. He, along with founder Adam Linkenauger teach business owners how to generate more leads and sales using organic and paid Youtube strategies. Rocky became President and CEO of the training company Freak Athletics in 2014 where he honed his marketing knowledge and skills. Connect with Rocky on the GMV blog and his Facebook, as well as subscribe and follow along as he offers more cutting edge Youtube Marketing tactics on the GetMoreViews Youtube Channel!

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