Great Instagram Video Ad Examples
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13 Great Instagram Video Ad Examples

Instagram ads are blowing up.

To give you a better idea of what I mean by “blowing up,” the average portion of Facebook ad budgets going to Instagram ads grew from under 10% to more than 40% in just over a year:

Instagram Ad growth Source:

And, as we all know, video has been growing by leaps and bounds for years now.

So, when you combine the 2—Instagram plus video ads—what you get is a recipe for online advertising success. Right?

Well, yes… as long as your ad does its job of grabbing the viewer’s attention and then communicating a clear benefit and a compelling call-to-action. If you can figure out how to do all that in 60 seconds or less, you might just have found the key to effective selling on Instagram.

So how do you create a great video ad?

I’m not here to give you a one-size-fits-all formula, because frankly, I don’t think there is one. Different businesses and different products will be best served by different approaches and ad strategies.

But what I can do is give you a few great Instagram video ad examples to inspire your next Instagram marketing campaign.

Here are 13 Instagram video ads from companies that are doing a great job of grabbing people’s attention and communicating the value of their product or service in a compelling way.

Instagram Video Ad Example #1

ring doorbell instagram video ad

What Makes This Ad Great: This video ad for Ring hits on a real and frightening issue for a lot of people, and for that reason it will instantly resonate with anyone who’s ever had a package stolen. (I know I have.) It’s also a fantastic example of “show, don’t tell.” Instead of just telling you what Ring can do, they show the product in action through a dramatic scene. Who wouldn’t want to be able to scare would-be burglars off their doorstep?

Instagram Video Ad Example #2

What Makes This Ad Great: Two athletes hanging from a hot-air balloon, doing tricks with a soccer ball hundreds of feet up in the air? This ad has a great concept that demands your attention. Add in the fact that it’s filmed with a GoPro, and you can almost feel your stomach starting to lurch. Under Armour actually partnered with GoPro for this ad, and the combination works great for both brands.

Instagram Video Ad Example #3

What Makes This Ad Great: FeetUp didn’t do anything fancy with this ad: they just showed their product in action. And when you have an innovative new product targeting a passionate audience, sometimes that’s all you need. Especially when that product lends itself to a visual demonstration, like the FeetUp Trainer. Any yogi who has trouble with handstands will instantly recognize how this product can help improve their practice.

Instagram Video Ad Example #4

Helios Instagram video ad example

What Makes This Ad Great: Here’s another example of a cool product being demonstrated visually. In just a few seconds, Helios shows you how easy it is to create an illuminated wall that’s both creative and functional. Doesn’t it just make you want one?

Instagram Video Ad Example #5

What Makes This Ad Great: This video ad from Freshly grabs your attention with a question that many of us can identify with: “Too busy to eat healthy?” Then the ad effectively juxtaposes benefit-driven copy with quick videos showing you how easy it is to eat smart with Freshly. Finally, the ad gives a sneak-peek at all the meal options available and ends with an attractive promo: 6 meals for $6.50 each during your first week.

Instagram Video Ad Example #6

What Makes This Ad Great: This simple video ad from Stitch Fix catches your eye with fast-moving images displaying great-looking outfits for different situations: day at the office, weekend getaway, watching the game, and more. Then it lists 3 big benefits that set it apart from competitors: no subscriptions, free shipping & returns, and an extra discount if your purchase all the items in your delivery.

Instagram Video Ad Example #7

What Makes This Ad Great: Here’s another video ad that, while simple, communicates a strong benefit in just a couple seconds. The copy is equally straightforward: “Want to go somewhere? Take an Uber. An easy way to go from one place to another.” The unspoken message behind this simple ad is just how easy it is to grab an Uber.

Instagram Video Ad Example #8

Great Square Instagram video ad

What Makes This Ad Great: This ad from Square is a great example of a stylized video demonstrating how easy their product is to use. The video shows just 4 simple steps: slide, click, tap, paid. Notice how the brightly colored background helps it to stand out in the feed.

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Instagram Video Ad Example #9

What Makes This Ad Great: Speaking of bright background colors that pop—could anything stand out more than this big yellow ad? Eczema Honey follows a 2-step digital advertising strategy here: first, grab your attention with a bold color. Second, build credibility by shuffling through 5-star reviews from satisfied customers. The result is a simple ad that’s surprisingly effective.

Instagram Video Ad Example #10

What Makes This Ad Great: This video ad has a homemade look to it, which helps to make it feel less like an ad and more like an organic video your friend might post. Lull shows a couple having a great time unwrapping their mattress, communicating just how easy it is to set up and enjoy your new bed. One thing they could have done to improve this ad? Include captions. As you can see from the GIF above, there’s no way to hear the voiceover if the sound is off.

Instagram Video Ad Example #11

What Makes This Ad Great: This ad gives you a tantalizing glimpse of some unique living spaces. Most people have never considered living in a yurt, but after seeing these picturesque homes you might just be tempted. (Scroll through the comments if you don’t believe me.) Hidden in this simple ad is an unspoken message: you can find any sort of house imaginable on Zillow.

Instagram Video Ad Example #12

What Makes This Ad Great: This colorful ad catches your eye with a long list of travel destinations. The music is upbeat and catchy, and really reinforces the tropical destination theme. This is also a great example of using location targeting to deliver a highly relevant ad to people in a specific area.

Instagram Video Ad Example #13

What Makes This Ad Great: How do you stand out in a crowded market? Wolf and Shepherd shows us one way with this video ad: use your product to provide a dramatic demonstration. Running with the bulls while wearing a pair of dress shoes sounds borderline crazy, but it sure does help set Wolf and Shepherd above the pack. (Or should I say, above the herd?)

Neil Flinchbaugh

Neil Flinchbaugh

Neil Flinchbaugh is a digital copywriter who works with some of the coolest companies in the world (like DigitalMarketer, ever heard of them?). Years ago he fell in love with direct-response and digital marketing thanks to their unique combination of creative thinking and critical analysis. Today he uses persuasive copy to help businesses sell more products, grow their audience, and command more credibility in their industry. Connect with him on LinkedIn, or learn more about his copywriting services.

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