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Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes to the Google Algorithm

Dearest Google,

We love you, but also, sometimes you’re THE. WORST.

It’s like, we all know we need you, but why you gotta be so mean…

Just when we think we have a handle on it, you change it up on us again.

Chelsea Manning GIF

Just tell us what you want! We WANT to work with you…WHAT do you need?!

just tell me what you want and ill be that for you ryan gosling GIF



Okay, now that we have that out of our system, we all know by now that we have to play nice with Google, and this month is no exception. Google is implementing some serious changes, and as marketers, we have to stay on top of it.

After this week, we all have a lot of questions. This most recent change was a big update. And we’re doing everything we can to keep our finger on the pulse of what marketers in (and outside of) the industry are seeing as MULTIPLE updates are rolling out.

Learn more about what’s going on this week and what you can do to combat any traffic or ranking drops in the search results. Don’t miss out, and stay ahead of the game!

Video Transcript:

Hey Guys! If you haven’t heard yet, Google just released a major algorithm update on Monday, June 3! And don’t panic, but A LOT of sites are already seeing an impact. The Daily Mail actually saw over a 40% DROP in organic search traffic! Yikes.

So what does it all mean?!

Well… for one, this is no tiny update that you can just ignore. It’s so big, in fact, that in the spirit of being transparent, Google actually announced that they were about to release a core update.

This doesn’t usually happen, so we know it’s serious.

But here’s the thing… that’s not the only thing changing in the search results right now!

On June 5, Google also dropped a little nugget of knowledge that separate from this core update is their Diversity Update… yep… these are all coming at once, so hang with me!

The Diversity Update is a change that’s designed to provide more site diversity in our search results… meaning a single site likely won’t have more than 2 results on the same page for a given query.

And just so you know, subdomains and root domains will be treated as the same site. So buckle up, because things are getting CRAZY in the SEO world.

So how can we overcome all of these changes?

Well, because the biggest change is coming from a “Core Update” which means there is nothing in particular we can “fix.” But here’s what we do know—we know quality content is one of the most important factors when it comes to Google Search Results, and we have you covered.

Fortunately, we just updated our Content Marketing Mastery Course! So take a look and start diving in to learn exactly how to build the right kind of content in 2019.

Amanda Powell

Amanda Powell

Amanda is the Director of Marketing at DigitalMarketer, where she helps drive the mission to double the size of 10,000 businesses. She’s lived and worked in Austin for the last six years, implementing marketing and content strategies for local businesses and large software companies alike. With a background in journalism, she's focused on helping professionals grow themselves and their businesses by asking the right questions and launching the right campaigns.

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