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Case Study: How This Facebook Ad Generated 129,890 Leads in 1 Year

This bad boy has generated 129,890 leads at $3.15 a piece in just one year…
Screenshot 2016-08-14 16.42.452
In this video, I’m going to break down why this ad works so well, including…

  • Offer
  • Copy
  • Ad Scent
  • Creative

Check it out now and don’t miss out on 6 more successful Facebook ad campaigns I’m breaking down in a live webinar this week:



The lovely content team here at DigitalMarketer works hard to make sure you have the best blog posts to read. But some posts require a group effort, and we decided to stop the rock-paper-scissors tournaments that decided the byline so that we had more time to write. Besides, we all graduated from kindergarten: we can share.

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