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DigitalMarketer Bloopers & Hilarious Outtakes of 2020

2020 was another year for massive content creation at DigitalMarketer. From our products to our Facebook and YouTube channels, we’re creating video content on different platforms, in different mediums, each and every day.

But… we tend to goof… a lot.

This year was a lot. This year, even more than years past, we’re grateful for laughter that every day brings. So, with the year coming to a close, we thought we’d take a look back at all our “finest” moments behind the camera.

So sit back and join us for our best outtakes and hilarious screwups…

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Sam Wardell

Sam Wardell

Sam Wardell is a videographer and editor at DigitalMarketer. He is responsible for creating content that connects and engages with the DigitalMarketer audience across our social media platforms and introduces our brand to the world. Sam is known for creating embarrassing GIF videos of his co-workers and he keeps track of the number of tacos he eats. He has eaten 112 tacos this year. You can connect with Sam on LinkedIn, or buy him some tacos when you come to Austin to visit.

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