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10 Copywriting Tips from Expert Copywriter Joanna Wiebe

No matter what your business does or sells, you NEED good copy. High-converting copy is the biggest factor between a business that succeeds and a business that is struggling to get by every month.

Luckily, we brought in Joanna Wiebe—expert copywriter and the founder and head instructor for Copyhackers—to give you some business-changing tips on how to make your copy the best it could be.

One of the Biggest Mistakes Marketers Are Making

Following so-called best practices in copywriting is one of the biggest mistakes I see businesses making. Without knowing the experience of the person who wrote the article or guide you’re reading—how do you know these are ACTUALLY best practices? Don’t outsource your online sales or copy based on your Google search results.

It’s Not Too Late to Improve Your Copywriting

If you’re feeling bad about not having grown your email list years ago, you can stop right now. While growing that list a few years ago would have been great, the second best time to start growing that list is today. It’s never too late to start.

Use THIS Powerful Phrase on Your Sales Pages & in Your Emails

Use the Already, Still Formula so you can show your prospect how they’re exclusively empowered to be your customers. The first part of the sentence is about what they’ve already done to qualify themselves to work with you, the second half is about what they still haven’t accomplished (and how you’re going to help them reach their goal, solve their problem, etc.).

How to Really Get Results with Your Headlines

The most powerful words you can use in headlines come directly from the words your prospects and customers are saying when they talk about the problem your products or services solve. Use your customers’ words in your headlines to get their attention and show how well you understand their pain.

Put the Book Down and Do This…

While learning from books can be super helpful to your copywriting, you can also learn a TON from just seeing how the people around you interact. After all, good copywriting should be conversation and human. So let yourself put those books down every once in a while and just people watch.

Copywriting Tools to Check Out

There are surprisingly not that many copywriting tools available to help take your copy to the next level. Here are 3 tools I use: Coschedule’s Headline Analyzer, Airstory, and Airstory Researcher.

Why You Need Copywriting Formulas

Copywriting formulas take the message you have and make it so much stronger. For example, using the Even, If Rule can make headlines, bullet lists, paragraphs, etc. better connect with your prospect and get them to take action.

Quick Copywriting Tips 

Here are a few quick copywriting tips to get you started: swipe copy from your customers, use frameworks on your website pages and emails, formulas in your headlines and buttons, social proof that proves your products or services work, and start every line of copy with the word YOU.

Struggling with Your Messaging? Do This

The moment you start struggling with your messaging, you need to put the pen down or push your keyboard to the side. Instead of writing, you need to listen to your customers so you can hear what they’re saying and creating your messaging around it.

How Communication with Your Customers has Changed

The current climate has made one-to-one communication with your customers more necessary than ever before. While email has always been a way to reach your customers one-to-one, it’s more important than ever to make sure your email copy is more authentic than it has ever felt prior.



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