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Use the "10-Point Blog Post" Audit to take your blog posts from "Meh" to Magnificent—FAST (and see what the PERFECT blog post looks like)

  • 10 elements to score on every blog post (and why scoring poorly on ANY of them can seriously hurt your post)

  • 5 components of creating a blog post that people will actually READ

  • Real-life examples of exceptional blog posts from companies like HomeDepot, H&R Block, Kayak and how you can make your blog read like theirs (and even the DigitalMarketer Blog)

  • Works on any blog post in any industry or vertical and we can prove it! (we've used it on post for women's makeup, financial, preparedness, DIY and more...)

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Ryan Deiss

"The '10-Point Blog Post Audit' helps me quickly identify and fix a post's weaknesses, so I can consistently publish high-quality content—content that ranks and generates leads and engagement with our audience."

– Matt Douglas, Copy Editor, DigitalMarketer

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