Why Your Next Job May Be In Social Booking Management [INFOGRAPHIC]

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As a social media manager, a pretty huge part of your job ends up being reputation management in one form or another… there’s really no way around it.

Consumers are going to going to give feedback and lodge complaints however they see fit, and that’s often via social media. In the hospitality industry, the need for monitoring and responding quickly to customer feedback is absolutely huge.

For proof, think about the last time you booked a vacation (hopefully, it wasn’t as long ago). How important were the reviews in your selection process? Especially if you were booking a trip in a foreign country?

If you’re anything like me, you immediately scan for the negative reviews and read them to see if you can live with whatever negative feedback a consumer left on Trip Advisor or Expedia. I figure that if I can deal with whatever got their panties in a wad, then the place will be a winner for me.

If you take a look at the infographic below, you can see that my mindset is typically male. Men apparently complain the most in their feedback and give lower scores across the board…

I guess women read the comments to see what features they might enjoy, while men find the negative comments more helpful? Weird isn’t it?

Basically, hotel chains large and small, foreign and domestic, NEED the heck out of some reputation management… a whole secondary social media management service that trolls their top 5 booking sites for comments, which are most likely:

  1. TripAdvisor
  2. Booking.com
  3. Expedia
  4. Best China Hotel
  5. HRS

Hotels should be paying handsomely for this service and the service is to resolve, mitigate, and prevent negative comments from appearing on these social travel hubs. It’s simply an extension of customer service, but in a more public forum that affects lead generation. Check out our 5 Tips to Responding to Customers on Social Media for some simple strategies.


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