Why Did Twitter Drop 3rd Party Badges?

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Badges? Twitter don’t need no stinking badges…

For years, experts have argued over whether social media dashboards, like Hootsuite or Tweetbot, were actually worth the convenience. The theory was that Tweets and status updates were seen as less valuable if they had been posted through a 3rd party.

It makes sense… when people see that “via HootSuite,” tag under your post, it stands to reason that you may be less engaged with your actual Twitter page than if you were posting directly on Twitter. It just seems more mechanized and impersonal.

However, we never really saw any real drop-off in our Twitter engagement as a result of posting via Hoosuite, which our social media guru, Luiz Ramirez, uses continually.

Well, in a recent move Twitter got rid of those little 3rd party badges. Interesting, no?

While 3rd party clients can’t be happy to lose that free ad space, Twitter and its users stand to gain. From now on, users will be able to use 3rd party software without the stigma that supposedly comes along with it. At the same time, a much greater chunk of Twitter’s content will appear “firsthand,” which in theory makes it seem more valuable and relevant.

Do you think it really matters? Like I said earlier, we never really saw a significant drop in engagement, whether or not we posted via third-party posting platforms or not… but every market is different.

Clearly, Twitter decided that it was worth eliminating these tags for some reason or another. Either they were tired of advertising for the piggybackers, or they thought these platforms really were hurting engagement within the Twitterverse.

Which do YOU think it was?

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  • Phil Hampton says:

    Perhaps to the casual observer, this makes it look like more people are tweeting via Twitter’s website, thus encouraging more people to tweet via their site. About 9 months ago, Twitter made various changes to their mobile phone app which actually made it less user-friendly.

    I’m probably being paranoid, but I wonder whether Twitter are surreptitiously encouraging people to go directly to their site for reasons unknown as yet.

  • Judi Young says:

    I don’t think the 3rd party note makes a difference at all in Twitter, however it does stand out and make a difference in Facebook. And not in a good way. Just MHO.

    • Yvette says:

      Totally agree, posts on Facebook via Hootsuite get almost no replies, it is well documented. Twitter seems to be different, I welcome this move. Is this only Twiitter ?

  • I don’t think it will make a major change, but it definitely will be a positive one.

    I use Buffer to keep tweeting when I can’t, and I think those tweets will have slightly more value without that little tag.

    Thanks a bunch,