The Next Facebook?

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Every media platform has a saturation point. And while Facebook is expanding and will continue expanding its model, the easy traffic is over for them.

Sorry, that’s just how it works.

In fact, you might be getting the sense that your friends, especially the artsy and mobile-savvy ones, have already moved on… because they have.

They’re not all going to Google+ either. A handful of creative and graphic-heavy platforms are absolutely exploding right now!

Platforms like Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram are grabbing major traffic — especially from users who find it exhausting to come up with meaningful updates and tweets. Many of these users are finding it much easy to just share a photo or location.

Face it, many of us struggle with finding things that are worthy of sharing with our hundreds of Facebook friends every day. I know I do.

If you’ve suddenly found yourself obsessed with Pinterest or Instagram, you’re NOT alone…

Pintrest passed 10 million unique visitors this month and is growing exponentially. Just over a year after its launch, Instagram has over 15 million EXTREMELY active users.

As of right now, the absolute crown jewel of these platforms is Tumblr — with over 15 billion page views a month!

Visual platforms are RED HOT right now. There’s no question about it.

So how do you leverage these intensely visual platforms to your advantage? In short, think visually (or find someone who does) as you design your strategy.

Tumblr, for its part, is an excellent resource for building a clean and visually-pleasing website in record time. Plus, you can build engagement through regular posts. It’s a great place to build relationships — not necessarily to push products.

The quicker you start leveraging these platforms, the more engagement you’ll get out of them. Not to mention, as an early adopter, you’ll look a whole lot cooler.

For marketers, Pinterest is showing a TON of potential. That’s because, as a highly visual platform, it gets a lot of clicks (people LOVE to click interesting images). There’s already a ton of data indicating that Pinterest is not only driving traffic, but driving sales as well.

We’re not talking about a post-Facebook world here… but one in which Facebook’s mobile design strategy may have to play catch-up.


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